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    [PayPal] Selling PRO level 76, 1 defence Pure. Fully quested with 65m. [PayPal]This account owns ANY other account its level. If you need any tips on pking feel free to ask. PERFECT hybrid. You won't regret owning this account. All of these items are untradeable/need quests done to wear You'll get all answers to the recovery questions via OMM/MM + Recovery test (I'M PAYING FOR OMM WITH SOME OF THE RSGP IF YOU DON'T PAY FOR ONE) This account comes with FULL unholy book (20m), 65m, Fully Quested even down to the bear helm and mind body. This account has 50 RC which means you can get master RC robes and already has regular RC robes (Next to master RC robes they're the best mage robes) You will never regret buying this account. I only want PayPal unless I get an incredible RSGP offer. I'm looking for around $50 but we'll see what comes up. A/W on this is $80 The autowin may seem steep but I'm actually WILLING to let this account go, FOR GOOD. No trade backs.buying a pure!! high str+range summ and dung is bonuslike i dont understand why this is so hard ive been looking through here forever and cant find legit buyer, im buying a pure, many characteristics can be involved, turm pures id buy 1 def pure id buy high 1-10 def pure id buy looking for accounts 90+ rang and str dt done summoning is plus and so is dung any offers please post here oh and an omm will be used no matter what with a recover test thanksAmazing 50 Attk 99 Str PRO GMAUL RUSHER! MAKES MILLIONS!Hey Guys, This is my 50 attk 99 str PRO gmaul rusher. It makes millions of gp each day pking. NO RECOVERIES OR EMAIL! COMES WITH ALL CREATION DETAILS Place Your offers in RSGP OR PAYPAL ( only. IF needed, i can leave 50M of its profits on the account at the rate of .6/M Looking for LEGIT offers, with an auto win of $75 or 160M RSGP THE TRADE WILL ONLY WORK WITH A OMM OR SUPER TRUSTED MM I WILL NOT GO FIRST UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES EVEN IF I AM NEW. WE WILL BE USING AN OMM STATS: OPTIONAL MONEY: COMBAT LEVEL: RECOVERY PAGE: thanks, PUREGOLDDEALERSelling 89 combat Initiate PureThere are stats. If you have questions about anything please inquire. Also open to basically any offer except trades/swaps. I don't want RS accounts so don't waste your own time posting.[RSGP] nearly maxed chaotic pure |108+ dung| 99str| all chaotics | 30+vouche ( 1 2)didnt get decent offers. not sellling anymoreBuying Reset PuresI am currently looking to buy a reset pure, i would really prefer a 1 defence quested and reset, but 10 defence is okay too. I am looking for it to be quested to have either some or all of the following: turmoil, korasi, hand canon, barrows gloves, vengeance, and or body body. Thanks and post your accs to let me know what your account has.Rapier Staker For 25m A/w Buy It Now Need Cash 1 Summ 1 Pray RapierHey there,I'm back with one more account,PM ME IF YOU INTERESTED A/W 25M NO REQOVERIES,NO EMAIL WAS SETTED Contact me via PM PLEASE FOR OR INFO[RSGP] Selling range tank [FIRECAPE AND HALO!]has 90k tokens, and is 94 combat. selling my range tank, if you need more pictures please post and i will provide it for you. i will only accept rsgp (no trades, or paypal) IT HAS A SARADOMIN HALO AND A FIRECAPE, AND CHAOTIC CROSSBOW!) email will be deleted, but i have absolutely no idea how to remove my recoveries, if anyone can help me with that i will greatly appretiate it. we can use MM but at your expense. if you are trustworthy enough i will go first, if not we use mm. PM me if you are interested.
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