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    Selling amazing lv 69 PURE 99 thieving and firemakingno bans, no marks against it HAs zammy and ancients book filled Looking to swap or sell for rsgp For swap looking for a f2p pker with 1 pray or a g mauler with 13pray from dt Stats Items RECOVSSelling starter range tank { PayPalfor $7 PayPal ONLY. I will not be going first at any time. If your interested contact me at [email protected] here are pics Enjoy If your interested contact me at [email protected] Range 94 Mage 92 Strength [45 Defence] [Barrows Gloves] [VouchFromOMM/MarketMod]Only RSGP. Selling this account because I'm gunna make a skiller because in wildy you get pjed every 2 ******* seconds, and I doubt it'll get fixed Quote: Originally Posted by plznate Vouch for Gun123, we worked out a trade for pins for an acc. Nice guy. Vouch from a market mod/1k donator/OMM. The rest are in my profile If you're going to leave an offer please leave your or it'll be ignored...[Rshp] acc with 99 mining 96 mage and 35 def! low cmb!Uploaded with Uploaded with : [email protected] will use mm. if no u go first. (going first to +25 vouches)selling a level 97 sorrow pure with chaotic staffSelling a lvl 97 with chaotic staff peity 91str 60atk 75def 94mage : [email protected] PURE [1 attack, 99 strength, 1 defence] 35 combat!No email. No recoverys. 10 days membership remaining Can easily be trained to 70 attack with quests done. Current bid = $90 or 150mil rsgp Thanks.Selling awesome zerkerThis account is fully quested (Recipe of Disaster, Desert Treasure, Monkey Madness and many more are all completel: 177 quest points. ) Starting bid at 8m. Add me on : [email protected] (Note: The picture below says 23 days of members left and now has only 20 days of members because no-one has bought)[Paypal | RSGP] CB 67 Claw Pure /W 99 Theiving + DT DONE [Beastly Pure] ( 1 2)This account is my pride and joy, I've played this account for a good 2 years now, made a lot of money PKing with it and had my fun Now it's time for me to sell this beast and move on! An OMM will be used, THIS IS NON-#. I'll accept RSGP at a rate of 1m = $0.8 Current Bid : $20.00 A/W : $60 or 60m Here is a few things you should know about the account: Quest's Completed Desert Treasure Animal Magnitism RFD (Mithril Gloves, had req's for Addy) No Recoveries No Email Registered No Offence History -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here's a few images to inform you about the account's stats, wealth etc. Insane CB Stats | 99 Theiving | 79 Fishing | 74 Farming | 67 Combat Quests Completed | Desert Treasure | RFD [MITH GLOVES] | Animal Magnitism 99 Theiving, FULL Zammy Book 10m+GP and Mith Gloves Wealth of 6.3m+ | Lot's of Pots + Pking Items No Recoveries | No Email | 11 Days Membership Left! No Offence History | Completely Clean
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