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    CHAOTIC PURE, 1 DEFENCE, RAPIER, MAUL, VIGOUR, ALMOST MAXED!! LOOOKk!!!!Hello Sythe, Im Selling My Almost Maxed Chaotic Pure For Some Rsgp, I Currently Have A Maxed Out Main And I Need Some Cash For Turmoil So Im Selling My Pure These Are Its Stats 88 Dung (chaotic Rapier, Chaotic Maul, Ring Of Vigour) *20k Till 89* 80 Attack 99 Strength 94 Magic 99 Range 97 Hp 2 Defence I Am The Original Owner Of The Account , The Account Has No Recovories , Just An Email Set Up (my Email) In Which I Will Remove If I Get A Good Offer AND I WILL NOT BE GOING FIRST! We Can Meet Up In Game If You Would Like To, And I Can Show You The Account, The Way I Would Like To Trade Is 50/50. We Can Talk More Via Or Sythe Pm. Add Me And Happy BiddingLv 90+5 10 Defence 80 Attack 99 Str+Dung All Chaotics Quested Ovls Fcape EtcI am the original owner. will give all recovery information that i know. selling this pure because i have lost all interest in the game. after i got 99 dung and pked with the chaotics for a while i gave up on rs. selling my accs and items to make money for xbox and games etc. pics - EDIT: Also has 12k special attk restores (3)99 combat -80 att 99 str 20 def turmoil [RSGP]Hello, selling this account. Got all informations, either we use OMM or you go first. It's botted with my own scripts.buying 99 mage accounthello i am buying a 99 mage acc with dt done i am spending 20-65m on one email me at [email protected] Level 65 (Take a look)Selling level 65 Description: A pretty decent account if your looking for an account that already has some skills so you don't have to take the time to level it up. You could easily bot it to get some fairly quick cash. It has some decent skills to so if you don't bot, or drop trade, you could make some cash. It also has very little items on it and its not a member. Current RS Name: Iovely Hits (That is an "i" not an 'L") Stats Picture: Contact Information: : [email protected] or Just send me a PM Accepting RSGP only. TOP BID: -- NOTE: I ASKED ON A FORUM I GO TO IF ANYONE HAD A FREE RS ACCOUNT TO GIVE ME AND THIS WAS ONE OF THE ACCOUNTS. I NOTE THAT THIS ACCOUNT DOES HAVE RECOVERY QUESTIONS SET AND I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE ANSWERS FOR THEM ARE. I HAVE HAD THIS ACCOUNT FOR 71 DAYS EXACTLY AND I HAVE NEVER HAD ANY PROBLEMS WITH THE PREVIOUS OWNER TRYING TO RECOVER IT.tomc1992's account shophi everyone today im getting rid of a few accounts ive had over the years which have just been sitting there doing nothing and im most likely going to stop playing runescape soon since i got scammed by a user on sythe named runescape_king but anyway all accounts come with every bit of info i have ever had not all have recoveries and emails set but i will put next to it if it is or isnt on it. if you have any questions about quests and items etc just ask me and ill be sure to tell you.. my is [email protected] all paypal buyers pay as gift and all trades will be using an omm or trusted mm at your expense or you first. account #1//a/w $4.00 or 7m rsgp--has no recoveries, email is registered. account #2//a/w $2.50 or 5m rsgp--has no recoveries, and no email. account #3//a/w $10.00 or 18m rsgp--has recoveries, no email, has fighter torso and defenders/some items account #4//a/w $45.00 or 85m rsgp--has no recoveries, email is registered. account #5//a/w $85.00 or 170m rsgp--has recoveries, email is registered. 20k off 99 dung, has over 200k tokens, and all chaotics except bow aswell as heaps of other stuff ask for more details. account #6//a/w $15.00 or 26m rsgp--has no recoveries, no email, has yo-yo and rubber chicken.. very old account. account #7//a/w $20.00 or 40m rsgp--has recoveries, email is registered. -acc#7 -acc#6 -acc#5 -acc#4 -acc#3 -acc#2 -acc#1Selling level 85 Bezerker acc 33M on it!!!It has done only a few important quests like Monkey Madness, Lost City, and Desert Treasure. Has Dragon claws, full rune, 50k of iron ore (was trying to get 94 magic...), rune defender and fighters torso. It is non-mem atm also. Stats: 61 atk, 88 str, 45 def, 80 range, 84 magic, 82 fishing, 80 minning... Price is $30.selling level 61 strength pure (GP)selling a runescape strength (its a total of about 10$ u.s. currency) cheap willing to negotiate for a decreased price of 2-5m ===levels=== attack:60 strength:70 defense:1 constitution:62 ranged:51 magic:46 prayer:26 'this is a very good staking account in members' it was members, has a couple of members skills above 30. completed quest monkey madness and horror from the deep. i am also willing to throw in a rune pure account for an extra 5m 40 attack 40 strength 40 defence 67 range 42 mage 58 hp combat:54 scammers beware. pm me in game at D W O O D S if your interested in buying one , or both of these accounts. at the moment it is free to play. about a 400k bank. i am asking for 10m gp.
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