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    FiOS' Amazing pure account shop! ( 1 2 3)Hey guys, I've decided I want to start over on a pure with a purple partyhat ;D. I need about 400M more which I don't expect to get all of it from this but I should get a pretty decent amount! All accounts are recoverable and a recovery test will be completed if requested with an MM (Your fees). I will not go first unless you have over 20 vouches, if we do not come to an agreement we will use an MM. All offers need to be in RSGP, if you post for a swap or PayPal your post will be reported as spam. Account 1 Maxed F2P Gravite Pure! *Important notes* No Bank pin Comes with a Gravite 2 Hander Level 75 combat and 7 days of Membership left as of April 30th. A/W = 75M Account 2 60 Attack Pure with 99 Strength and Mining! *Important notes* No Bank pin No E-mail registered, the second pic shows what happens when I click view settings. A/W = 45M Account 5 Obby/Summ tank with 4x 99's! *Important notes* No bank pin and 18 days of membership left as of April 30th. 4 99's and great skilling stats! Level 62 + 9 combat. A/W = 65M Account 6 Nearly maxed boxer/staker with 5x 99's! *Important notes* No bank pin 49 starved ancient effigies in bank! Level 112 combat. A/W = 100MSWAPS AWEsome ACCs For OFFer Need Starter zerkOK title says all, First acc is my beast f2p pure / skiller, owns f2p wud own p2p with range d bow ect. DUNGEONEERING IS NOW 26! My 95 starter main / skiller. Will do both for one, also a little cash is a must. accepting mains that can pk also ILL GO FIRST TO TRUSTED USERS.Selling level 84 Berserker pure CHEAP! [RSGP]Hey guys - I am selling a level 84 Berserker pure, this account I made in about February 2011 - I havent botted it, all legit. It has no email set to the account, or recoveries and I have no intentions whatsoever of recovering it back as I am currently needing GP on my main. The accounts stats are as follows; 70 Attack 80 Strength 45 Defence 70 Ranged 52 Prayer 76 Magic 72 Hitpoints And 57 Dungeoneering. (Havent spent any tokens) It has 81 questpoints, with Monkey Madness completed, Fremennik trials done, and all of the Defence quests completed (Except for Heroes). It is up to Adamant gloves in Recipe for Disaster, and all defenders up to and including Adamant defender. Bank-wise, it comes with a corrupt Vesta's chainbody (7mill) and 1-4k of each elemental rune + 150 Law runes, plenty of potions to pk with (Super sets + prayer potions), although near to no cash. I am looking for any offers people in RSGP, if you want to offer please leave a comment OR inbox me on sythe OR add me on xbox live! "Domtology" is my gamertag, feel free to hit me up even for a game of MW2 Thanks - Domenic[RSGP][SWAPS]Rune Pure 81 CMB[RSGP][SWAPS]Title pretty much says it all :) I might go first ... if not we use a mm or vmm . we can meet ingame to verify there is no autowin or price range i am looking for i am only taking offers and if anyone wants to do swaps i am willing to swap for any pure/pker thats is decent. contact me on :[email protected] or just post thankyou :) OFFER AWAY ! ! ! ! ))) Login:i1228.photobucket/albums/...uiZz/login.png Quests:i1228.photobucket/albums/...iZz/quests.png Stats:i1228.photobucket/albums/...uiZz/Stats.pngPerfect starting 1Def pure! 61CbUploaded with This rising star has already slayed many, with an impressive bounty hunters rouge score! 61Cb, it has extremely high stats for its level and you shouldn't have any problems downing anyone 2 levels above you! 91 hunter makes acquiring money an easy task, make 2m an hour with Kingly Imps! This account has the perfect stats for Blitzing/DClawing combo. It still has one prayer so DDS staking is also highly profitable! A/W is set at 50m, PM me of interested.[rsgp] Lvl 85, 99 Str 99 Range 99 Mage 75 Att [rsgp][rsgp] Offers [rsgp] [rsgp] Offers [rsgp] [rsgp] Offers [rsgp] Here We Have My Old Pure....... His Stats Are: Att:75 Str:99 Mage:99 Range:99 Def:2 Pray:52 Hp:87 HAS 30 DAYS MEMBERSHIP LEFT ON IT. Hes An Ownage Pker, I Hardly Ever Loose, It Owns Main Accounts, Heaps Of Fun To Pk On, But Ive Got New Ideas For My New Pure, Hes Just A Tad Short Of Rsgp. He Has No Money In The Bank (already Drained It He Has All The Pure Quests Done, Mm, Rfd, Aa, Dt Etc Etc. My Addy Is In My Sig So Dont Be Shy, Offer [rsgp] Offers [rsgp] [rsgp] Offers [rsgp] [rsgp] Offers [rsgp]Selling level 94 Staker | 82/82/82/82 | 80 Dung ~ RapierNo recoveries, email will be changed to buyers choice of email. Taking rsgp/moneypak/wu/mail offers We will be using a trusted My : [email protected][rsgp]beast Pures|1 Defence|addy Gloves|dt|firecape[rsgp]First Pure: DT|Addy Gloves|Firecape|Imbued Rings|MM|Lost City|Elemental I & II Done No recoveries or email are registered. Second Pure: DT|Addy Gloves|MM|Losty City|Elemental I & II done No recoveries or email are registered. Autowin for first pure - 140m. Autowin for second pure - 100m. You can contact me via @ BobGreen94 Note: I will also provide you with previous passwords, old recovery information, previous member information, and creation dates if you are a legit buyer. Happy bidding.
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