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    [RSGP] 82 Dung - 200K Tokens - 81 str [RSGP] ( 1 2)NOW HAS 83 DUNGEON, 76 ATTACK, 40 PRAYER RSGP ONLY! Swaps + Paypal offers will be ignored! Upon sale of account I will remove registered e-mail and post another screenshot. You go first (unless you are trusted), or we use MM. I randomly train this account so everytime the levels go up, I will update the stats. A/W: Account will be sold September 14. Quests: Dragon Slayer is the main one, no DT done.almost finished desert treasure pure.i can send you pictures of the account, it has about a 4mill bank, it isnt a member any more, theres only one step left on the desert treasure quest until it can use the spell book, im only excepting paypal 25$ s1112.photobucket/albums/...scapestats.png s1112.photobucket/albums/...scapestats.png s1112.photobucket/albums/...scapelevel.png s1112.photobucket/albums/...escapebank.png s1112.photobucket/albums/...apebank4-1.png s1112.photobucket/albums/...scapebank2.pngBuying any good pureIll buy any Decent Account for 50m and ill give u an acc wiht 5 99s if so[RSGP] Selling cheap hybrid! Quested! 99 Range! 95 Mage! 4.3M wealth! ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)A/W: 30M Only going first to members I deem trustworthy. If you opt for one, MM is your responsibility. Post your 's and I'll add you. Alternatively, PM me. All scam attempts and flaming will be reported. Recovery information will be provided upon completion of transaction. Good luck!75 attack 88 strength turm rune pure!Hey, im looking to sell my turm rune pure for a low level turmoil pure or rsgp, there is no autowin at this time, very sorry but i cannot provide pictures at this time. ALL info and account will be shown to a serious buyer i am willing to use a middle-man under any circumstances. Because i cannot provide pictures i will talk to you on you can come meet with me in runescape face to face and confirm that the account is real and mine. Let this be known there is only 30m rsgp on the account and barrows gloves in bank + hundreds of charms that aren't trade-able :/ If any mod or fourm leader has a problem with this post please let me know asap and ill post when my paint is working again. S T A T S: 75 ATTACK 88 STRENGTH 40 DEFENCE (FULLY QUESTED) 82 RANGE 95 PRAYER -( CURSE PRAYERS AVAILABLE, WILL BE SHOWN INGAME!) 96 MAGIC! Thanks guys.[RSGP]Selling Starter Rune Pure w/99 Magic/99 CookingHey everybody, wanting to get rid of this account, no use for it and want some cash on RuneScape for it. Post Offers pl0xx. If you're looking for a Official Trade, you pay the fees and we can do it, that or trusted member, or half/half if trusted. Would love to get rid of this account within the next hour or so if possible I want to do some pking on my other account and need the funds for it. Thanks in advance. Take note: The stats aren't completed, but all the stats including defense are COMPLETELY quested, RFD is started and 1 of the mini-quests is completed. A lot of time has been put into the account, as I said before I don't need it anymore so I would like to just get rid of it. 30M A/W Contact : [email protected][Selling Level 71 with 1 def, 90Dung, 328K Tokens]Selling great dung pure with 328k tokens left +membership Pic 1. Pic 2. Pic 3. Pic 4. Pic 5. A/W: 50mil Or Swap [Looking for A Good Pure With Mith gloves] P.M me if your serious will use a MM tough trade[Donator][Trusted][RSGP] Cranke's quitting sale! 6 insane accounts for sale!hey guys, i've made the decision of quitting runescape for good because it is taking too much time in my life and i need cash to pay my car insurance/school . ill be selling all 6 of my accounts, i am original owner of 5 of them, 1 of them i bought from a trusted member on sythe about 1 year ago. i will only be accepting RSGP as payment. If you wish to use an OMM you will have to pay the fees. RSGP = 0.40/M Acc 1: pretty rare account. nearly maxed chaotic pure. 106 dung all chaotics and 850k tokkens. i am original owner of that account so i have every informations about it. Combat: 88 Acc 2: my main, 9 99's including prayer, herblore and smithing. barrow gloves, korasis, 2 chaotics, 91 dung, nearly 2150 total, fire cape along with 45 effigies. Combat: 119+10 Acc 3: decent main (nearly maxed in combat) no 99s altho it is 100k to 99 range. can be a decent staker once maxed. 35 effigies, chaotic longsword Combat: 125 (idk in wild, never pkd on it) Acc 4: my newly made Zeal pure transformed into a obby mauler. 99 str, 55 slayer ( slayer staff) 31 pray and 67 rng. Combat: 51 Acc 5: frost dragon account pretty much, decent melee stats to make a nice 500k+ @ frosts. has chaotic rapier nd crossbow Acc 6: another frost dragon account, more recent than the other one, still can make nice money at frosts and getting charms for 67 summ at frosts takes no time at all. Please post here and post your email adress so i can add u, mine are [email protected] and [email protected] dont add me if you did not post on my thread.
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