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    Selling lvl 72 with 99 str and miningPost offers here or pm me Gold4rs offered me $55 for it :3 once you pay i will ask you for your email and then change the verification email to it, then email you (or pm you) the login info. Unless you prefer that I just take the current one off. Or if you want we can use a MM, whichever is fine by me Pm me for my /aim/ or post yours here column thingys: Login: Stats: (images were being dumb and wont embed -.-) EDIT: i know i have 1 post, i just found out about this site. Ive got reviews on mmoexchange under this same username if you are interested in looking[PayPal] Selling 2 ownage Pures !Hey, I am currently selling 2 pures. Both of these account I am the original owner to. I will ONLY be accepting PayPal. : [email protected] Account 1: Level 75 Hybrid. Account has 10M+ on it. Account 2: Level 71 Pure Account has zammy book (with all pages) and mith gloves. Has 1M+ on it also.Pure ~ 69 combat, Barrage, Quested! 1x99. ( 1 2)This is my pure. Has an a/w of 160m without claws, or 110$. Quests, bank, stats etc below. No swaps. OMM at your expense! Bank/wealth: Login screen: Stats: Blackmarks: Quests:40def turm 94+5 chaotic staff ( 1 2)Selling my turmoil pure. Accepting RSGP only. I'm the original owner and know all details. All required quests are done. I have never had ANY offences on my account, never been muted or banned. THERE IS NO EMAIL/RECOVS SET ON THE ACC. Post/PM me if interested. I have a if you want to talk out any details. A/W = 200m However a price range of around 100m-150m would be acceptable. If you want to use an omm i'm all for it, the fees will be taken out of our agreed price. If you do not want to use an omm, i will not go first because someone has tried to scam me when i did. This acc is great for pking, i used to pk on it all day and it has a chaotic staff. The reason for me selling is because I enjoy high-risk bridding more which i have done on my main with great success. The reason for me only accepting RSGP is because I do not want to deal with paypal and well... I want to support my high-risk bridding.Beastly Lv 68 90 rng!!!! Will Go FIRST ( 1 2)Hi first off i know im new and just joined but im here to be a trusted member not to scam! So since im new i will go first to trusted members OR we can use a mm and if you would like a recov test we can do that as well! = [email protected] now here is the account! Im looking for rsgp or swaps! I have Every Bit of info to this account!!!Looking For Boxer~Hey, I'm looking for a boxer. Pm or email in sig. Thanks. Can do swaps, GP, PP or a mixture of both. Willing to go first to people I deem trustworthy. If not, an omm or mm will be used.Selling quested Rune Pure. 91+5Hey, been on and off about selling this account, I've had this account for quite a while. The account is 38 quest points untril Barrows Gloves. For Turmoil, it is missing 5 quests, not to bad. Bank is clean pretty much. 46 Rune Defenders+d gloves Has #african costume lol Have no clue how to remove Recoverys, + I don't have a clue what Email its on Weird friends.[RSGP] 99 Str ~ 99 Hunt ~ Good pure ~ Trusted~ [RSGP]Hey, Ipkids here.. With another awesome pure, ready too pk, needs a little work, but its pro, and CHEAP! has some quests done.. needs 2 more for DT. MM can be completed whenever, doesn't have much cash on him but thats why i'm selling for low You can surely own the wild, and walk all over people with this account. I make these accounts with pkers in mind, and how i'd want a pure! I'm trusted, and will talk via , Xbox, , anything you want! - [email protected] No Recoveries E-mail! Password(s) will be provided too you! Not much money, but the 99 Hunter can surely make you bank! And why would I sell an account for rsgp if it already had a lot? Pro stats.. Will meet in-game, it has a month of members left, add my . 75m is what i'm asking for this account, will go a little lower, but it is worth a lot. and has a good name! [email protected]
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