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    wtb purewant to buy a 20def pure for 18mill rsgp just post offers below and ill look at themSelling Lvl 84 Pure.Hey guys, ever since I lost my bank recently so someone on Sythe -.-, I've needed money. I have this initiate pure which I made but decided to not use, simply because I hate it.. Haha. Highest Bid wins. A/W=30m I won't go first, unless a highly trusted member, In all other cases, we can do 50/50 or use a OMM/MM, You pay.1 defence pure cb lvl 71, quested with decent stats Great starter pureim selling my pure acc the stats are: 60 att 77 str 1 def 81 range 52 pray 94 mage 75 hp 53 theiv 55 slay 78 woodcutting I have desert treasure, monkey maddness, lost city, mith gloves, basically all of the main quest that would be expected for pures. when trading i am willing to do 50/50 half money i trade the acc then the other half of the money... and i am selling the account for 30m. thanks[RSGP/SWAP]Buying 92 herb acc - 1def - [LOOKING FOR TRUSTED]Title says it all. Post pics and offers here.Selling Void Pure - 94 Magic - 89 Range - Dt DoneSelling this account i've had for a few months, it's no use to me anymore since i dont play on it. Pictures: Desert Treasure - Done Mini Canon - Done Taking RSGP or Paypal for trusted members. A/W = Not Set Current Offer = : [email protected] Level 59-79 Pure!requirements: addy gloves animal magnetism desert treasure monkey madness. 1 Defence 60 attack Pm me if you have onePAYPAL-Buying turmoil zerker -paypal-looking for a seller that is highly trusted so i know i will not get ripped off. do not post if less than 10 vouches and less than 200 posts must have barorw gloves, vengeance, turmoil, 90+strength we could use OMM but you might have to wait up to 5 days for money to be put on to my paypal for purchase, post your offers here and add me on to discuss price [email protected][PP][BUY NOW]42 DEF | Hand cannon | Void | Fire cape | 99 Mage | Hybrid ] [49$ only]This is my old account about 5 years old, it has awesome stats, quests and items. Why should you buy this account?: 1.42 def quested account (Hand cannon, Monkey madness, d slay, and alot more). 2.Full Range void 3.Fire cape 4.94 Hunter (Awesome money making way 500k+ / h) 5.99 Magic (Desert treasure, its an very pro hybriding acc i made mills by that method) 6.60 Atk quested, (Great 60 atk pure with d scimmie, claws 4 example) 7.It has over 4k charms (14 sum+2 = great staker too) 8.86 Fire making is good for the hand cannon.. 9.Its over 5 years old, and im botting on like 10 accs since 2009 that were old like that, and 0 ban.. Sometimes 24/7. I botted on this acc like 1 year ago a bit (Only hunter) So you 'll be fine. I'm using this method in all my trades, because it is faster/easier and better for the buyer and seller. Everyone that buys or sells accounts has the time zone problems. Sometimes the buyer is offline, sometimes the seller.. I don't like that, thats why i made this. You pay for the account, and you will receive it immediately. Follow the instructions of the picture for the buy button . PS: I have already used the buy now button succesfully with a 30$,6$,7,99$ 60$, 50$ and 80$ transaction. Also my Vouches are mostly about account selling/buying or guide sales via buy now button. click here for my vouches If you have any problems with the transaction for example, you havent been redirected, please copy the transaction code and pm me the code + your problem. I'll response within 8 hours (usually 1-3 hours, 8 hours because of sleeping).
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