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    Selling 73cb DDS Staker For 7m!Only accepting RSGP. I know, I'm new here and only have 1 vouch, but that vouch will come into play a little later. I'm clearing all my accounts of cash, and selling them on here to fund my main, since I just got introduced to bossing. I will go first if need be, no problem, since I'm brand new here. HP isn't SW'ed yet, but if it was, the price on the pure would sky rocket. Only want 7m for him. 73cb. Stats: Login: Now, as for the "Pending Confirmation" on the E-Mail. This account was made after November of last year, so it had to have an E-Mail name. The E-Mail is included in the trade. You give me the money once you've done everything necessary to make it secure.Selling RS pure [Cb|67]Its not a bad pure, and is still a member NOTE: THE LEVEL 81 RANGE IN THE PICTURE IS NOW 83 RANGE AND ALSO HAS 77 SOUL WARS POINTS Please post a reply if your interested. Also, please include what your offering and ill see if it tickles my fancy, im not sure what i want for it yet, whether Cash, or maybe Runescape GP THANKYOU[275+ Vouches][90+ Acc's Sold] Lvl 77 Pure | 99 Str, 94 Magic, 31 Pray | 66 Dung ( 1 2 3)SOLD! For more accounts visit my account shop. Thankstrading lvl 88 with 93 str for rs gold/items.hello, i am trading this account for runescape gold or items. it has been on rs for 4 years and has bobble hats and things like that from older playerup. my email is [email protected] and also have a lvl 105 on market. the skills that aren't lvl 1 on this account are: 61 atk, 93 str, 60 def, 15 rng, 23 prayer, 34 magic, 9 rc, 82 hp, 3 agility, 30 thieving, 41 crafting, 30 fletching, 61 mining, 46 smithing, 8 fishing, 23 cooking, 13 fire making, 50 wodcutting. comment or email me on offers/questions/ pictures (because im to dumb to put up).Selling Great Starter Zerker 10m!Stats: Recov: The reason this will be so cheap is because he didn't get curse of aravv done. Which means no curses. But, if someone wants a great starter 52 pray zerker, this is for you. Not fully quested, but has 77 qps. 10m takes him. I'll go first, trying to build some vouches around here.Buying 1 Deffer[Low LVL] W,EarsRare Name99 skill[1b Bank][RSGP] Is [email protected] - Ihateniggerswhitepower Feel free to add me on there If Its 1 Everything Sythe Bunny Ears and possible a double spaced and or rare name, were talkin a big offer. OMM or Recov Test will be used. No Swaps Str8 RSGP[1.4k Total] [96 Mining] [99 Cooking] GOOD STARTER MAINoffer! highest bid: ALSO SEMI RARE NAME PM ME FOR INFOReally Good Starter Main for Sale!a mod please delte this. sorry for inconvience
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