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    Selling 3 accounts ALL Rare names. (RSGP)I would like to sell 3 of my skillers today. i am unable to post pictures due to my very bad internet. ACCOUNT 1: This is a STARTER PURE. Notable Stats: 83 Dungeoneering, ALL TOKENS UNSPENT. 67 Cooking, 60 fm 53 smithing and more. VERY RARE NAME. QCing in-game because like i said i am unable to post screen shots. ACCOUNT 2: STARTER PURE. This is an account with an EXTREMELY RARE 3 letter name that doesn't include ANY NUMBERS. Notable stats: 80 woodcutting, 70 cooking, 70 fm, 35 agility, 50 range and 25 prayer. CANNON ON ACCOUNT. QCing in-game because like i said i am unable to post screen shots. ACCOUNT 3: EXTREMELY RARE LOG-IN NAME. This is a SKILLER. Notable Stats: 84 wc, 70 mining. 10.3k FLAX on the account. EQUAL TO 1m. QCing in-game because like i said i am unable to post screen shots. NONE OF THESE ACCOUNT WERE BOTTED. If you are interested in any of the accounts pm me on here or add me on :minuto7217. Thanks.buying rang pure, around 90 range, and cb lvls from 40-50Got 20-30mil to spend, and have 4 accounts to trade. 1st account- main with all good combat stats, and all skill stats good and alot of quest done. 2nd account- str/mage hybird, 40atk 69 str 60 mage. 3rd account- range/maul hyrbid, 87 range, 50 atk, 72 str 4th account- range/2her starter or obby maul starter 67 range, 46 str, 1 atkswapping my level 110 main for a quested starter pureBy jakeahsaur By jakeahsaur By jakeahsaur By jakeahsaur rfd is completely done. 1700+ total level. 249 qp's looking for a quested starter pure. dont mind low levels. just want it quested.5 ACCOUNTS FOR SALE (Vet Cape, RSC Access, Rubber Chicken, Def Pures etc) --- CHEAPSelling off all of my accounts. Accepting PayPal from trusted members, if your not trusted then you must go first (paying with RSGP) or use a MM. Everything you see in the pictures is included with the account. If you would like more information on an account, PM me . When a buyer has been found, I'll add you on and we can organize the trade on there. -----------------------------------------Send me £5 through PayPal, and I'll give you every account here that is an absolute minimum- no negotiation on that price----------------------------------------- trusted members only for this. w): Account 2(£4 A/W) (RSC Access+Veteran Cape ((when you have membership)) ):---------------------------------------------------------------------------: Account 3(£3 A/W)-------------------------------CURRENT BID 2M------------------------------------------------: Account 4(£4 a/w) (rubber chicken+RSC access+Veteran Cape ((when you have membership)) )------------------------------------------------------------: Account 5(£2.70 a/w):------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Selling cb 21 Skiller. 100 Dungeoneering, 6x99![PAYPAL ONLY!]Hello. Ive decided to sell my old-old-old skiller. Here are the pictures: Stats: Ingame proof: Blackmarks: Yeah, no bans , only mutes :O! Login Screen: Quests: Yeah, it has now also 1month p2p, pretty awsome name. Starting Bid : 50$ Autowin: 200$Spending 15m!just post stats and your and ill let you know! thanks!Selling hybird with 87range, 50 atk, 72 str. (BUY ONE GET ONE FREE OFFER) {RSGP ONLY}I am selling a really good hybrid with 50 atk 72 str 1 def 87 range 1 magic 61 hp cb lvl 58, i will post pics tonight. A/W price i 40mil. Happy bidding -And if you buy it for 30mil+ you will get a free low lvl str/mage hybrid, with 40atk 69 str 1 def 60 mage 1 range, cb lvl 49. also post pics tongight[SELL] 1ATT, 99STR, 1DEF Mauler. ( 1 2)This is a 99str mauler i'm selling, i'm looking for around 100M+ for it Combat level: Login: Stats: Recipe for Disaster: Current bid: Thanks, Epic M4ul
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