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    TAANK RANGER FOR 15m!!!!![RSGP]fuckin hackers[Swap] Buying a good pure.Wanting to find a good pure for this account. sythe/showthread.php?t=1059517 hopeing for a 1 def pure if not a good zerker. must have atleast some cash.. turmoil pure would be nice aswell.Spending 25m on Pure [RSGP]I'm looking to buy a starter pure for 25m RSGP to play on. you must be fairly trusted, members is a big bonus for me, and it doesn't have to have any cash.[RSGP]Selling level 70 1def 44 prayer pureContact me at [email protected] FOR THE SCAMMERS I have recoveries set and I do not plan to get rid of them until I find a legit buyer. There is no email registration. so scammers, you already lost. WHY AM I SELLING? The reason why I'm selling this account is because I got a firecape on my main and I got it 99 strength, and I need money for 94 magic. I do not ever use my pure anymore, and I do not plan on making another pure ever because they suck WHATS THE PRICE? Anywho, I'm selling it for 25m, you go first. Unless you feel like paying for a OMM, I don't care! I won't be able to recover my pure. So you'd be able to scam me, so your going first.scammers who thought they had a chance still, oh no! gone. WHAT ELSE IS THERE? Also, I have Mith gloves, and DT done, and MM. the bank is pretty cleared. so there is no wealth. I REPEAT! UNLESS YOUR A MM!, HAVE 1K VOUCHES, YOUR JESUS, YOUR ME, OR WANT TO PAY FOR A OMM, You need to go first.[/color] Oh!, And say grats because I'm getting a debit card soon so my paypal experience will commence. I'm gonna buy like 80m lollolol But yeah, 25m for this pure. I honestly think it's really good. And another thing, today I hunted on it and I will keep around 1.4m cash on it, unless you want chins o.oSelling lvl 92 zerker [barrows gloves - ancients]a/w 50m and u play omm Selling this lvl 92 zerker all legit stats- never botted only owner barrows gloves adamant defender zamorak book monkey madness crafts death runes not too far from chaotics, no dung tokens spent rare user and display name: "maul pure" I am looking to sell this account cheap to a trusted individual who is willing to either pay for OMM fees or go first.Selling level 90 RANGER 30M RS GP!love you The Hackers On This Website[100+ vouches] Selling almost maxed TURMOIL PURE 30 def fully quested [donor ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)Hey, Ive finally decided its my time to quit runescape. This is my most prized account and it was all done by hand currently 31 defence:. 300m / 300$ Rules: I am accepting paypal / RSGP (my buyer values at .80c/m #) I will not go first OMM can be used You will get all info requested. Currently talking with mx king to sell march 8 Pictures:Lvl 99 99range/95mage,80def,93hp, lunarspells, barrows [160m bank]Looking for a main account or a good pure with 99 strengh but open on offers, i use MM if we decide to go ahead. It's got lunar spells, desert treasure, barrow gloves its a brilliant pker/staker and can make loads of money. any questions add my : [email protected] [email protected]
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