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    Wtb RangerWTB RANGER ACCOUNT Wtb a ranger account with 60+ range 1 def 1 str 1 attack 1 pray. need asap! paying rsgp! HP needs to be 35-50Buying 99 Mage [RSGP]heyo, Im looking at buying a 10 hp 99 mage account, must be from a very very trusted user or I will not go first, Must have no recoveries no email. Pm meBuying 99 str pureNeeded stats: - 1-45 attack without DT done, or 50 attack with dt done. - 99 Strength - 1 Defence OR: Any account with 99 strength and 1 defence, regardless of the attack level. I would have like it to have been done with SoulWars. Please add my and post your and offers in comments. Shoot me PM also.[RSGP] Selling obby maulers ( 1 2 3)All accounts were made with short, fake emails. (e.g [email protected]) All accounts are free-to-play characters . Upon purchasing, you will receive a PM containing Code: - All passwords changed in exact order - ISP used to create the account - IP used to create the account - Country and State in which the account was created. - Precise creation date and timeExample Code: Passwords 1) wonkanerds 2) sourpatchkids 3) jolyrancher 4) skittles 5) twizzlers ISP: Windstream IP: Country: United States State: California Created: 3:33 PM 1/2/2003 Eastern timeI can guarantee you 100% that the information I provide you will be accurate enough for a recovery. You can do a recovery test if you want. Account 6 - Original Login Login for all accounts Contact: [email protected] I rather you go first, but I understand if you feel doubtful. If so, then we can use a middle man. Sold accounts ____________ Account 1 - Sold to IceColdLyfe. He went first. Nice guy. Quote: Originally Posted by IceColdLyfe Just had an account swap, i went first but he followed through soon after. very trustable, reccomended! Stats Account 2 - Sold to elliotMOOSE Quote: Originally Posted by elliotMOOSE I didn't vouch for Aval even though I said I would!! Stats Account 3 - Sold to Agitate. Nice person. Quote: Originally Posted by Agitate Big love you Vouch to Aval no problems in buying an obby mauler pure, I would trust this guy with anything in Runescape the process was fast, and he gave all the details to the account in complete precision which I found awesome. This guy is THE MAN Stats Account 4 - Sold to ballinsince90 . Good person to deal with Quote: Originally Posted by ballinsince90 Awesome trade with Aval, I went first gave 25M and got an account with all its details quick,easy and fast. Hope to do more trades! Account 5[RSGP] Selling 35 Def Pure acc [RSGP]Close plz, solled on MMOExchange with my other 2 accounts for 35mbuying obby maulerbuying a decent obby mauler 1attk 60+str 1def 1-40+range 1 prayer 1-40+mage mems perferably. SWAPPING FOR THIS PURE. :///showthread.php?t=12...hlight=starter [email protected] lvl 58 cb pure 1 defhello i'm selling my pure due the fact i dont play on it anymore, id like to have minecraft gift code for it, i dont go first, i give you all the info if the deal is done. all the quest are done that a pure needs, 1 defence, monkey madness done lost city done dt done etc, got mith gloves watch pictures =D thats bout it thanks for looking :// :// contact me for more info, on this il check every few minute's unless i gota work/sleepSelling A Rare Name [Beast] Must SeeSelling An awesome Rare name Name: "A RareName" Lets Check out the bids!
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