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    Selling Ini Pure CHEAP CHEAPim trying to sell this Ini pure for cheap!! im not going first you make me an offer and i'll decide if i like it i also have a main account if anyone is looking for a main account.lvl78 Tribrid - CheapSelling this account cheap...has mm, dt, etc..done...has about 500k on it... Combat level is 78.... the stats are as follows.. quests are i56.tinypic/2hxapt1.png i51.tinypic/etvfko.png i56.tinypic/x2m7ow.png Current offer - ? Autowin - ? Dont use this account anymore...I will provide recovs/etc... I will not go first unless you are TRUSTED PM me...Swapping 87 zerk for 1 - 20 defi'm not going first unless you got over 20 vouches. I really cant be bothered to upload images. i'm 86 range, 94 mage, 92 strength, 43 prayer and 63 attack, i'll leave a 1m bank with pking items on it. membership runs out on 19 april. if i find a serious buyer i will upload the images. oh yeah, dragon gloves, dt and lunar done.[PP/RSG] Melee Boxer HIGH DEF Look INSIDE [PP/RSGP]Im offering my boxer cause im gonna start another pure, so i need cash. Here the pictures for u. EDIT: 90 ATTACK COMBAT 98 POST HERE UR E-MAIL, I WILL ADD U.Selling Maxed Initiate Pure [PAYPAL/RSGP]A/W:$50/$60M RSGP Hi everyone i'm selling this account because i don't really use it anymore.There are no recoveries and email set.If you are interested in this account simply just talk to me on . : [email protected] I will go first to trusted members with 50+ vouches.If you are new, you can choose to go first or we can use an OMM/MM. Lobby/Login Screen Bank Stats Blackmarks[SWAP] Lvl 131--Firecape--5 99's--94 Thieving Trading For Good 1 Def PureI am looking to swap this account with a good 1 defense pure! Since I only have one vouch, I will go first. Preferring a member who is trusted or has vouches. Acc has no wealth. Add me on to talk [email protected] or post offers/account details on this threadselling maxed dds/d claws pure [combat 74]hey selling my maxed 60 att pure. i want to go first but you have to be trusted otherwise omm. im not going to bother asking anyone to go first. accepting rsgp or a swap. pm offers[Trustable]Selling Turmoil Pure 30 defence Quested [Wu,mail,MO]When buying an account from me you have 100% guarantee that the account will never be recovered and no excuse would be given as i birth this account from day one and know all and everything about this account . Log Stats [130k from 90 strength] just used 52 zeals Bank 15mill + in items Will not accept RS Gold unless its 150mill as i will try to sell the gold to get the cash A/w 100 usd Don't miss out on the chance of buying this incredible account. Email Address [email protected]
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