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    {RSGP} Cheap Pures for Sale {Paypal}Leave your offer and your and ill add you Account 1: Account 2: Has an original name Account 3: Has an original name Account 4: Has an original name Account 5 Account 6: 128k till 99 magicSelling level 92 SkillerOkay so this account isnt much of a fighter but moreso a skiller. The stats are: It hasnt quested a whole lot so im not gonna post the quests. NO Black marks, Recovery questions, Etc. The bank is probably worth max 100k but it has all the holiday event costumes dating back to probably '07. I dont know what else to post because it is my first time on these forums, but I am selling this at 15M. We will be using a MM and i would like a vouch/Feedback/ Whatever you guys do on these forums. Thanks! If intrested contact me at [email protected][RSGP] Selling 98 CB (78/99/45) Quested Korasi ZerkerWell, decided that I'm going to start a main and actually play the game instead of just pking. Don't really play this guy anymore. Hate to sell him because of all the work I've put into him, but I think he's worth a pretty penny to help me get started. The account as an original account name. Not an email related name. It was made before that update. So no chance of recovery after MM has ensured the recovs and email have been changed to your liking. I want to use OMM, which will ensure that recovs and email get changed. A/W = 100m. Stats: Quests: Torso/Korasi/Firecape/Other love you: Recovs/Email: Warn/Ban: Offer away. DO NOT try to scam me. It WILL NOT work. Just move on if that's your plan. Thanks much! EDIT: The cb is 98+7.Awesome Def tankMoved, thanks azeios new thread link "sythe/showthread.php?p=8780867#post8780867"[RSGP] Selling level 71 Pure [Fcape]not for sale.99 str 99 range 99 mage 99 hp def 1 80 dungHello I sell my maxed def 1 pure best skills are - 80 attack - 99 strenght (16.5m xp) - 99 ranged - 99 mage - 80 dungeonering (chaotic maul) - 99 hitpoints (constitution) - 73 agility - 1 defence quest: - addamant gloves - dessert tresure - dragon scimitar - dragon longsword - ava's (animal magnetism) runescape name: ramon jwz : [email protected] a good 50/60 att pure.hello , i'm looking for a 50 or 60 attack pure. What im looking for : 90+ range 85+str 50 or 60 attack 85+ mage (52 prayer max) I will be paying using RS-GP. I WILL go first on TRUSTED members.Selling great pker (5m)Account has almost no other money other than the picture. Looking for 5m GP for it. You can get up to 72 mage without gaining 1 cb lvl (not including hp) As of now, has good range, and can switch to wind blast, and freeze the melee people.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.