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    level 76 99 hunter, RSGP ONLYgood possible ranged tank starter, i only want rsgp. and pretty much the first decent offer i get wins it[PAYPAL/RSGP] Level 74 - Starter ZerkSelling. Stats: Combat: Recovs: Leave me some offers! :3 Will remove all the recovs and email when I find a buyer.60att/75str/31pray/1def/77theive/QUESTEDTake a look will not even look at offers under $20. I only accept PP or RSGP ($.70/mil) i will not got first unless you get a OMM or trusted MM. HOPE TO DEAL WITH YOU SOON!!! please post your and offer...Selling level 78 tank - almost 92 range! [RSGP]I have majority of old details, no recoveries, no email on it. Still some membership, 91 range almost 92, 70 defence, 68hp. No money as it got cleaned staking which is why I do not care for this account and that is why I am selling it. Will go first to almost anyone but if I deem you untrustworthy I will not trade you. Pm me your or post here, I will add youSelling LVL 84 Hand cannoner, + vengeance, Ancients, 93 MINING [PAYPAL][XBOXPIN]I no longer play runescape and am looking to sell this account for very cheap. This account has pretty good stats and will be selling for 25$ OR an a/w of an xbox membership. FAST FAST FAST+Official Accounts++ [email protected] Offerz+ Only Trusted Omm+ Paypal or Rsgp+ 64 combat 73 combat[Selling] level 61 with 81 dungEdit: can a mod please close this threadSELLING AN AMAZING ACC !!! [RSGP][great]♕Pro Acc Sale♕ Introduction: Hello Sythe Users, I have decided to Start selling some of my Runescape Accounts. All the accounts have pictures and information about it so you know exactly what your buying, you will also get all the previous passwords etc. I am currently still working on all the accounts so I will UPDATE the picture as a level up, so stay alert. All other information is below and if I left something out or you want to ask me a questions or something please add my ONE AND ONLY !! Below… Thank you : [[email protected]] Terms of Service: When Buying or Offering for a account please use the text code below. Please don’t waste my time with scams. Only add the above ^^^ all others are FAKE! When you have bought something please leave (feedback, vouchers). We will use… VMM at your expense, My MM or you may go first. By submitting a bid you agree to the ToS. Text Code Code: Account you would like to offer on: Offer for The Account: : Do you agree to the ToS: VMM, My MM or you go first?: Account : This Account is an nice account with some decent levels. It is level 81 combat and has no recoveries but a email that i dont know but that may be canceled. The accounts comes with: Previous Passwords First Psyment Options Email if i can remember Picture includes: Lobby Screen, Stats, Offences, Combat and a few quests. Starting Price: 1M A/W: Highest Bid: -- I am still working on more accounts so il add them in as i go ....... Thank you !!
Thread Status:
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