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    v.GoodOverallAccount ~ CB:66 ~ PayPalCB Level: 66 Bank Wealth (3.5m+) - 4102 bow string - 779,380gp - 1.5m cash - 4745 flax - 531,440gp - 1500 pot's of flour (can be made into plain pizza's for min of 750,000gp NOTE: Il post a screenshot of log in screen if anyone needs, im just deleting the email registration and, recov's.. if you feel a bit un safe with buying this account im happy to go with a trusted MM (you pay all fee's) Post Offers ~ Paypal only pleaseRSGP / SWAP 71 CB - 99 range - 44 pray - 1defYo Trading this beast pure, Wont go first, 50/50 or your paying omm. Uploaded with Uploaded with[SWAPS]Turm zerker - firecape/lunar/ancients etc. Almost maxed![RSGP]Selling this zerker, if i trust you i will go first. Will give all orig info off the acc once bought. Ive forgot the recoverys, got the email though. A/W 135M - [email protected], post on thread first. This zerker owns in pvp can easly spec out any other people. Combat level is 110 in a member world!, 103 in a f2p world! [email protected] accepting other pures must be good though[Rsgp] pro level 90+4 range tank with vengestats 90+ are: 91 str 99 range 90 mage (pot to venge) 93 woodcutting 93 mining other stats: 60 defence 65 crafting 60 attack 45 dungeoneering and others has many quests done like lunar diplomacy, all the prequests to desert treasure part of rfd account is going for 50m rsgp please either message me as [email protected] or my youtube easily god to discuss the transaction Note: I have a chaotic pure that I'm focusing all my time on I do NOT need a main account, you go first, happy bidding =PAmazing rapier 85 dg pure, can barrage dt done amazing stakerNot looking to sell this account cheaply Starting bid is 100$ or 200m Cool username as bonus You will go first or pay for omm I accept paypal or preferably rsgp.[Account Sale] Skiller with 99 Dung and Herb, HC Pure [Paypal/RSGP]Hey.. So im here to sell some of my accounts seeing as RSBuddy doesn't have a market and powerbot is just full of scammers.. I'm fine with the use of a trusted MM and depending on the offer, might even pay. Contact me : [email protected] (Sisters , lol) My Best account you could say, my level 4 with 99 Herb / Dung. Because of powerbot it is 4 Combat :/... which makes it unique =p Only level 4 with 99 Dung on rs and especially only one with 99 dung and herb Has recovers and email which can be given to MM or yourself and can be recovery checked. Banks not worth mentioning really. Pictures: Level 61 With Handcannon, Great pker and can hit 350-350+ with HC spec. Also has recovers / email which can be taken off or changed by an MM, since the new updates you can't delete an email or recovers, even with recover a stolen password. Pictures: Thanks for reading ;pWTS Level 92 RS Account for PayPal Cash or WoW Cataclysm EU Key !I'm looking to sell my Level 92 RS account (No Members) for PayPal Cash only now. I'm currently looking for $35 PayPal Cash Only. Here is a picture below: If you're interested in purchasing then message me on by adding [email protected] Thanks xSweet ! Def Pure 80 Range And 74 Strbored of this acc and is now for sale. take all offers into consideration. LOGIN: STATS: BANK: COMBAT:
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