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    [RSGP] Selling 99 Thiev PureSelling my 99 thieving pure, there isn't much in the bank but maybe a 400k is still a nice skiller starter and possibly even the next best pure of some kind. 99 thief is a great money maker to start anything you wish! I will only sell this account for RSGP, so send me some offers! Victini-5M*-*-* Two Awesome Pures ( 1 2)Hey guys, been away from for a while! Today i am selling two of my pures to get cash for my new handcannoneer i made! I am looking for RSGP, and will consider trades but only from VERY trusted users. Anyway, here they are: PURE 1 - 63 combat - Desert Treasure and Ancient Magics - smite - MEMBERS TIL DECEMBER 23RD PURE 2 - 59 defence - VERY LOW combat (27) - Perfect Starter for a Summoning pureBuying accountsBuying tons of accounts!! Following: • Prayer pure • 90lp account • Lvl 3 skiller 500+ total • Initiate pure fully quested defence • Turmoil pure quested and 50-95 prayer • Level 3 with classic cape no other combat exp/stats99 Woodcutting Level 3 SkillerFeel free to leave RSGP offers, not looking for terribly much.WTB skiller/mage pureI'll be paying in RSGP. Interested in lvl 3's, or 10 hp acc's with high mage (90+) or a combination of both. Acc needs only stats, I'm not paying extra for bank, will provide my own. Must have a 99 .. I will pay extra for a 98 with less than 500k xp to go. Looking for acc's with Skiller (one or more 99's) Str pure (85+ no atk/def/pray) Mage pure 99 mage (10 HP preferred) Will leave this thread open for a day or two to see what accounts are offered. Post either a description/price or a link to a thread. Will use an OMM or you go first.Buying a Skiller!!Buying Skiller! Will offer 35M! Looking for: Combat 3, or a Combat Skiller (1CB skill trained), at least 1 GOOD 99 (not like wc,cook,fletch,fm,ect.) Post your skillers here! : [email protected]'s Account ShopHey guys, I have 3 accounts to sell and they will be sold by 12/16/11 for whatever price they are at... no emails on all recoveries on all ( idk how to remove with new jegex site. maybe someone can help me with this) Current bids Account 1- 3.1M-majorEar Account 1- Level 51 DT pureWinning's Account ShopClosed ATM. Resolving issues.
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