Trade my acc for templar/glad ( 1 2 3)

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    i want to Sell this account or trade my Eu elyos acc for a geared Temlar. Or sell it if anyone leave offers. Here is the my acc info acc paid 21months, if need anything more tell me Main char = 55Chanter 486handicraft have dps and mr set (1972 without staff mr stones) chest and l noble ec (pvp ones) parts, Both stigma sets support & dps. (sw staff 10+ 4k dmg gs) (debil staff silence) 23f9572f418256e2370e43125e329cad.png 94111033dae8f88c476def2687261d88.png Alt char = 55Templar 446armorsmith, 479 aethertapping, 960k++ ap, trio 10+ w/silence 4noble ec (pvp ones and best manastones). Both stigma sets without last stigmas (I think they are usless) c763849713e936b0724357b194ea3335.png b3e27eadd99dbecf41680434b2157122.png 2nd alt= Assassin 55 nothing really special (wise dragon sword with silence), haven't done officer q yet so one more silence :p, other weapon is dagger ec cond 1 (pvp). 246dca52f6840d1481b52a954bb2fee9.png 3rd alt = Glad 42 lvl only but very nice char for lowbie pvp 64k ap+ 154k ap relics 58e1c7301fe3fb3bb11f28b2e6811c85.png 4th alt = sm 36 lvl 499 alchemy with not bad crafts like fine life serum.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.