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    Level 63 -- 99 str -- Ultimate Pkertinypic/view.php?pic=2rrv6dd&s=7 tinypic/view.php?pic=oa3nyq&s=7 tinypic/view.php?pic=2j3r05k&s=7 tinypic/view.php?pic=2vbqul0&s=7 tinypic/view.php?pic=4io510&s=7 tinypic/view.php?pic=11j1biu&s=7 Message me if you're interested. Good luck!:)[Must Look] Amazing RunePure 99 Dung 95 Pray [Barrows Gloves + Turm + Hand Cannon]Hey, so my friend recently told me about Sythe and how you can sell your accounts and buy gold on here so I decided to join. I'm starting a new pure "Zaney Jr" and have no need for my main anymore. It has no membership left and a pretty cool name. will accept either Paypal or RSGP as a payment! - [email protected] - Hmm_BabySelling Pure 1 Def (Firecape) 82 Prayer [95 Mage]Hello, Im selling this account it is a level 70. I will use a OMM taking paypal or RSGP.Scammed Need Moneyi want to offer any1 a lvl 79 acc in the acc i have 1.2m i was giving this by some1. plz can any1 help[ me out and buy this for 8m it is lvl 79[10+ Vouch] | 99 Range, 99 Magic, 45 Deff | FULLY QUESTED + DT,LUNAR,MM | [10+Vouch]Hey guys, I've been Buying/Selling account for a while now, and this is the latest one I've come up with! Brilliant Stats for PKING, only 88 Combat Level + all the Items/Cash in the bank I've PKED myself. The bank has around 35m+ And you can see it's fully quested - You can either go- Range/Veng Dscim/DDS/Veng No skull - Dscim/Dclaw/Fury/Veng Hybridding! So many different ways to PK (Player Kill) your enemy! AW - Not Set Bid - 70m/35$ POST YOU + OFFER IN MY THREAD★[$200 Donor|355+ Vouches]★Lvl 99+9 Range Tank★[99 Range|Mage|RC ★ Chaotic ★ Rigour]★Sold for $350.00 to Judgment Quote: My One & Only : [email protected] Code: Accepted Payments: -Runescape GP (Valued at $0.40/M) -Western Union -playerup -MoneyGram -MoneyPak -MailHey guys, Snow Patrol here selling this insane 75 Defense Rigour Range Tank. I am the Original Owner, and with over 355+ Vouches valued at 55 Billion RSGP/$35,000 USD, you can rest assure that everything revolving this account trade will be safe, secure, and legitimate. If there's anything not on this topic you'd like to address, feel free to contact me. I'll let the screenshots do the talking from here -99 + 9 Combat -99 RuneCrafting -99 Range -99 Magic -75 Defense -92 Hitpoints -79 Summoning -91 Dungeoneering -83 Thieving -3 Character Name [Number-Letter-Letter] -Chaotic Staff -Chaotic Crossbow -Arcane Stream Necklace -Tome of Frost -Fire Cape -Filled Zamorak Book [20m Value] -Filled Guthix Book [4m Value] -Filled Saradomin Book [4m Value] -2 FULL Triple-Helm Sets of Void, with 2 extra melee void helms Rigour Prayer Unlocked! -116 Questpoints -Lunar Spellbook Unlocked -Ancients Spellbook Unlocked -Ava's Accumulator Unlocked -Kingdom of Miscellania + Royal Trouble Unlocked [Free ~3m/week] -All 4 Christmas Hats + Scarves -Zombie Head -Easter Ring -Full Skeletal + Pumpking Mask -Reindeer Hat -And many more holiday items unlocked! 9 Effigies Banked![PAYPAL]*84Combat*Initiate Korasi prod*ALMOST COMPLETE!*-99Thiev-Korasi Stats[PAYPAL] ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)NOTE: Account will NOT come with ANY tradeable wealth of ANY kind what-so-ever! Also taking RSGP. OFFER. Account info is set and will be given upon sale! I was dead set on making a 20 def Korasi prod..but i got bored of it and instead play on my main...stats are almost done alll it needs for The Void Stares Back is 55 sum(30 summ atm) Bank is cleaned except for Thieving cape. 99 Thieving achieved on august 5,2011. A/W: 35mRSGP or $20USD. Current Bid: -buying a bridjust post what you got and how much you want
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