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    Selling level 93 BEAST |maxed chaotic pure| 2 def :( LOOK!Email is registered, will delete when prices have been negotiated. My rule - You don't walk into a store and walk out with it then pay for it, I DONT GO FIRST! so dont ask. best way to contact me, via email or on site. [email protected][RSGP] §Chaotic Pure (95 Prayer)§ [RSGP]Hello I am a veteran sythe user and am here to sell this account with was recently bought from KerokeroCola/ Awesome Stranger. The recoveries and email will be removed/changed ones a buyer is found PS: Has membership till December 21st. A/W: 100M Starting bid: 30M Cash pile/Tokens: Login: Stats: Will post my email ones I see an offer I can't refuse. Good luck bidding! Edit: Changed auto win.[RAPIER STAKER][READDY TO STAKE] Selling 1 Summoning & 1 Prayer RAPIER STAKER [RSGP]I bought account From DevianArt And I want re-sell it,I'm not Devian Art[RSGP/Paypal]-Selling Maxed 60 attack pure with pue quest done,79 summoning and 70dngHey guys selling This Maxed out pure , well needs 99 hp but yano close enough , All pure quest done DT , MM , An RFD has Addy gloves , i ;d . I now im new To sythe so OMM will be used bt at your cost unfortantly unless Trusted . This Account is very good i am the orignal owner and wants purchased you will get a Document i have made with all the info, so good luck bidding guys , im looking manley for RSGP but will accept Paypal . Add My [email protected] / or leave a offer I will be on My all the time im on So yeah Goodluck Bidding i remember my [email protected] pure? check him out40 attack 40 strength 40 defence 80 magic FTP i can apply membership if needed been working him for a few months now not sure if needs better skills? or good to sell now?Selling Level 76 Pure -- 99 Strengthum im not used to doing this stuff so erm. Will Use A if needed. A few statistics: 99 Strength 99 Cook 60 Attack 1 Defence 31 Pray The Account has a pretty good Name don't know if im allowed to say it here but will say in private message if needed. I dont have an but anyway ill just make one: [email protected] add me to talk. Happy Bidding, good luck Selling for RSGP or can use Paypal. Thanks- bbexselling dung pure combat 69Hey, i am currently selling a pure i was making i made it as a dung pure for mid level combat with a defence level 1. it currently has no quests done but can be made as a great hybrid pure as it has 71 mage. it also has 2 dung items aswell as 412k dung tokens which means you can buy 2 dung items. unfortantly i do not know how to upload images on this so if you know and could quickly explain it to me i will up load a few images and show you the account. it has the following stats that are my main reasons for this pure: stregnth 75 attack 74 defence 1 mage 71 dung 89 cooking 71 it also has the following dung items nature staff stream necklace i am excepting any offers above the cost of 50M but that would be a bid id you would like to perchase this account and not bid for it the price for the account is 170M or a straight trade of a account with 99 defence This is becuase it took alot time and effort to get "legit" dung of 89 i was aiming for 99 to make you able to buy up to 4 chaotics but i ran out of effort tbh lol tghis account is great for pkers just starting out and who want to get the heads up on poeple when you can pop out 2 chaotics. private message me and i will give you my email adress i no that i new but i hope to become a good trader on the sythe community.[RSGP]Level 73+4 P2P Pure[RSGP]Hey Viewers, Im Currently Selling My Old Pure With 76 Farming, Great Skill To Make Some Hard Cash!.The Account Has Mith Gloves And Its Member Aswell. Im Looking For Just Rs Cash, No Swapps Please. Is In My Sig, Happy Bidding. SB: 2m A/W: None
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