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    staker/ nearly 99 defselling this account start a bid, see where it goes made a new little main would straight swap fury for it leave your 's and bids. gl stats. no email.{CHEAP} TURMOIL 99 Range Tanker 99 Slayer 200k TokensI am accepting RSGP. We will use a verified OMM unless you go first. is [email protected] 99 Range 99 Defense 99 HP 99 Slayer 200k Tokens Let me know![RSGP] Two Great Zerkers [CHEAP]Account 1: 20M ------------------ Account 2: 10M Post or me if interested in one. MM and Recovery Test can be used.[RSGP]Selling Maxed Pure 6 99s Chaotic Staff Chaotic Cbow Stream Fully Quested[RSGP] ( 1 2 3)Old Thread, Requesting Deletion.95m!!! [2 ACCOUNTS] [96STR PURE, DT DONE, LOST CITY DONE]+[99MINING ACCOUNT!!!!]HEY GUYS, IM TRYING TO GET MONEY FOR A ZEAL MULE I WANT SO STRAIGHT UP I DONT CARE FOR THESE ACCOUNTS, I HAVENT EVEN USED THEM IN A LONG TIME, IVE BEEN PAYING MEMBERSHIP ON ONE FOR NO REASON.LOL I JUST RECENTLY LOGGED ON TO EMPTY THEM OUT. EASY ACCESS, BOTH HAVE THE SAME PASSWORD AND ITS NEVER BEEN CHANGED SINCE I FIRST MADE THEM. WILL GET ALL INFORMATION I CAN POSSIBLY PROVIDE ONLY THING BOTTED WAS 99MINING BUT I NEVER USED IT AFTER I GOT IT.LOL AND ITS BEEN ABOUT 6MONTHS OR MORE SINCE ITS BEEN USED. AND IT CAN BE TURNED INTO A GREAT MAIN ACC! 79 STR PURE STILL HAS MEMS UNTIL NOV16TH!!!!!! FAILED 2DEF BUT IT DIDNT AFFECT THE CB LVL @@@@@@@@@@@@@@ 95M FIRST COME FIRST SERVE @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ FIRST ACC 96STR PURE NOW THE 99 MINERSpending 100m on a Simple Dscim/Dds Pure, 1 deff needed!in the title, I miss the old PKING with the dscim/dds action.... I'd like the pure to have; Addy Gloves DT Complete 90+ Str 50/60 Attack 82/94 Magic 31 Pray 1 Deff post your offers & [RSGP] Beastly Gravite 2HER!!!!! [RSGP]Hey guys, selling my prized G2Her! I've messed up alot of noobs in the wildy with this account. I need money to stake so i need to let this badboy go.. Login: Wealth: Stats: Please post your offers here!!!Maxed Zerker 4X99s(Dunge) all Dunge weps|Fully Quested|Slayer Helm|Korasi|Deflector! ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)Hello ive finally had enough of rs after getting 99 dunge few days ago. wayyy too many botters and just kinda movin on with life. So here to sell my pride and joy for the past 2ish years. Rules of Trade I will not Go first unless very trusted in my eyes I will use mm or omm (prefer a good mm cause there free and helps them out) Do not request a swap will just be ignored Lookng for rsgp Only *OR* MoneyPak _____________________________________ Starting Bid:180m (gold4rs offered 90$) Current Bid: 200m A/W: None set Heres the good Stuff! is: [email protected] Ive looked through some other acc selling threads I think i did it right but if i missed anything please tell me and ill fix as soon as possible thanks=)
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