Trading  High End  PS4  1-60 Minutes Trade for RDR 2 Online account GTA 5 PS4, 2+ BILLION, LEVEL 1000, Modded Profile Pic...

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    Dear interested party, I am "ImHaxoTV" maybe you know me from YouTube. Among other things, I created the first PS4 GTA 5 Online Mod Menu. YouTube Channel Link:

    I trade here my Modded PS4 GTA 5 Online Account which was present in this youtube video for a ->Red Dead Redemption 2 Online account<-. I have added rare features to the account with my own mod menu.

    The GTA 5 Online account has rare outfits, t-shirts and over $2 BILLION, 1000 levels, FREE NAME CHANGE and a Modded unique Playstation Profile Avatar Picture.

    The account also has an unlock all in Call of Duty® Black Ops III (level 1000 and everything is unlocked)


    Money: $2 BILLION
    Casino Chips: Over 800.000
    Level: 1000
    Gender: Slot 1: Male, Slot 2: Female.
    All Apartments, Bunkers, Biker Clubs, Night Clubs, Offices, Hanger, Submarine & Garages
    Fast Run
    Rare Modded Outfits, Single & Dev Clothes
    All Cars bought and stored into garages.
    All Planes
    All Military Vehicles
    All Pegasus Vehicles & Planes
    All Pegasus Vehicles & Planes are free:
    All Unlocks also developer unlocks.
    All Military Weapon & Vehicles Attachments Unlocked.
    All Tattos
    Many Casino Clothes
    The account has a ban bypass (So it is not banable)
    Unique Modded Profile Picture:

    GTA 5 Account on Social Club:

    Call of Duty® Black Ops III Account Stats:

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