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    Selling 2 accounts look inside! (((paypal)))hey guys im back here with my 99 str barrows pure still trying to sell got dt done on it and 83 mage so getting closer it still has torso but all money is transfered off. the second account is a starter zerker with 94 mage lvl 79 perfect for pking. i would like all offers with paypal you dont have to buy both accounts just offer away. pics and stats: barrows pure: also has a month of membership left zerker pure: has all old costumes. good trades: 5 bad trades: 1[RSGP]selling lvl 69 g mauler 99 str![RSGP]Title says it all Im selling my lvl 69 G mauler I currently came back to staking and I play on my staker account and I have no use of this account anymore this account also has 50 days of membership left, this account has never had recoveries and it has only had 1 password I will NOT go first Unless you have 20 vouches in 500$ or more ( no training vouches etc..) Willing to use OMM or a Trusted MM 50/50 I will not Accept swaps because I have to many accounts I will not accept Paypal Login: stats:Beast Barrows pker! [RSGP]Selling this account for around 10M rsgp. If your interested, post below. : [email protected] : s_o_u_p1Selling lvl 96 main { PayPal}Im selling this lvl 96 main for $20 it has 99 firemaking and a sara sord. Here are my vouches sythe/showthread.php?t=953044 I will not be going first at any time and i do not want swaps or pins. If your interested conact me at [email protected] Contact me at [email protected] Barrows pker! [RSGP]Selling this account for Runescape gold or near reality gold. Thanks add my or to talk. MY IS [email protected] TO TALK MY IS S_O_U_P1 Account 1 Selling this account for 10M! Noteable stats: 97 strength 88 attack 85 hp.[rsgp]selling maxed rune pure 75 att 99 str 40 def 95 pray 3 99's!!if your interested leave a message or me at "dillonrslol" in no way am i going first due to the work of my account! taking rsgp Starting 10m auto win 70m i want to money to make my lvl 3 skiller something to be proud of! here comes 99 herb![rsgp]selling 2 rs accs! look here!![rsgp]if your interested pm me / me at dillonrslol maxed rune pure! main account! start price 10m on each!Selling Maxed Rune Pure 3 99's 75 Att 99 Str 40 Def 99 Range 99 Mage! [ Rsgp ] if your interested let me know asap! me dillonrslol i will not go first due to the work on this account and i will need the money to make my lvl 3 skiller to be proud of! here come 99 herblore! current bid: 13m auto win: 60m
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