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    Selling Great Tanker 61 cb [99 Cook][Paypal or RSGP Only]Hey Guys Title Says ALL 1. Will Go First to Trusted Member. 2. Will use OMM Start Off $5 Uploaded with Happy BiddingSelling Great Tanker 61 cb [99 Cook][Paypal or RSGP Only]Lock this pleaseSelling Lvl 90 Maxed Initiate PureA/W: $40 USD or 50M RSGP [WITHOUT THE GOLD] Either you go first or we can use an OMM [You Pay Fees] :[email protected] Bank Stats Login Screen Blackmarks's Account Shop! -- Pures / Mains / Starters! -- [PAYPAL] ( 1 2)MY BEST VOUCH: I raise all of the accounts sold in the shop. In other words, I am the original owner. : [email protected] Feel free to email me with the same address aswell if i'm not on at the time ASK FOR A PM! ALL TRADES WILL BE VIA PAYPAL GIFT ALL ACCOUNTS COME AS IS! YOU WILL GET A FILE THAT LOOKS LIKE THE FOLLOWING: (keep in mind there are no recovery questions, just the files I used for all accounts I make, because originally I do normally have recoveries on them until ready to sell.) (I only have this for Account 1, and Account 2. The rest were trained to sell, and I never set such details) RECOVERY INFO Account 1: AMAZING 1 DEFENSE PURE SOLD TO Wicked HD FOR AUTOWIN - $110.00 USD Account 2: MAIN Bid: A/W: $45 or 70M Account 3: GOOD STARTER STAKER - CAN EQUIP DRAGON! (Corrupt Dragon / F2P) Bid: A/W: $12 Account 4: Strength Pure SOLD TO Iamnotleet FOR AUTOWIN - $23.00 USD Account 5: Gmaul Pure (DOES GREAT IN F2P) SOLD TO "Andrew" via FOR AUTOWIN - $25.00 USD Account 6: Strength Pure Bid: A/W: $45 Att: 40/40 Str: 85/90 Def: 1/1 Range: 1/85 Mage: 46/85 Account 7: Strength Pure Bid: A/W: $25 BUY NOW: $23 Att: 40/40 Str: 83/85 Def: 1/1 Account 8: Strength Pure Bid: A/W: $23 BUY NOW: $23 Att: 40/40 Str: 74/85 Def: 1/1 Account 9: 99 Cooking A/W: $30 Cooking: 91/99 (Acc has 25M on it) When purchasing, you agree to PM me on Sythe saying your email address and what you are purchasing. After you purchase an account, it is yours.[SWAP] Lvl 98+7 Nearly Maxed Korasi Prod | Lunar + DT Done | Rune Gloves | READ! -->RULES & INFO - I will not go first unless you have 15+ vouches. - I will use a middle man. - Looking for zerker with 99 str and turmoil with some money on account, you must have creation details and be the original owner. - Please post offer as well as your . - I have all creation details as I'm the original owner. PICTURE - Post and bid below and I will add you, or PM me.[Vouched from OMM/Marketmod] 99 range 92 str 94 mage 45 defence [Barrows Gloves] RSGPOnly RSGP. Selling this account because I'm gunna make a skiller because in wildy you get pjed every 2 ******* seconds, and I doubt it'll get fixed Quote: Originally Posted by plznate Vouch for Gun123, we worked out a trade for pins for an acc. Nice guy. Vouch from a market mod/1k donator/OMM. The rest are in my profile If you're going to leave an offer please leave your or it'll be ignored...[RSGP]Level 97 with Good stats[RSGP][Closed][RSGP] Selling beast zerker!Yo guys, Selling this zerker for 35m RSGP, Taking no accounts or paypal or what ever, just RSGP. Stats, and yeah thats a Staff of light on the floor, so comes with 2.5m Dragon gloves, lunars and 170qp, So close to barrows. No recoverys etc. Quote: Originally Posted by Louis :) Vouch for Ahrim-Ownz, sold me an account, he went first, a+++++++++ seller Market mod, Official MM, Runescape Mod, Donator vouch. More in profile.
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