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    Selling Level 98. Member 99 WCHello, I understand im new here im willing to use a OMM. Im taking no trades Just RSGP or Paypal. Picture: Message me if you are interested.[Paypal/Rsgp] Selling Perfect Pure 60 Attack 99 Strength 1 DefenceMoved to reduce spam.60 Att pure - 87 str - mith glovesHello i'm here selling this pure for RSGP only Stats- has the zeal for 70 range Gloves- only looking for around 10m will make it member once i find a suitable buyer also willing to use mm - liam.kay1 otherwise post on hereSelling great level 96!70 att 92 str 70 def 71 rng 44 prayer 74 mage 84 hp 53 thieving 82 mining Finished most important quest like desert treasure. Needs a little skill improvement.Best combat skill is 92 str best money maker is 82 mining The account has no money, but a lot of expensive member's items that could be sold for around 5mil. It has a fighter's torso and a firecape. Email me at: [email protected] if you're interested. I also have a level 115 for sale.Range Tank - Piety - Handcannon - voidHello selling this range tank looking for RSGP Stats- edit:now 89 mage Stuff- Tank Quests - [email protected] - please add me if you have an offerSelling **AMAZING** Starter Zerk - [TORSO] [MM DONE] MUST SEEI will NOT go first unless you are trusted If you want to use an OMM you will pay fees. Either post here or message me on = [email protected] Account Info: 72 Att 90 Str Fighter Torso Full Zammy Book Rune Defender Monkey Madness Done Nezzy Done Starting Bid: 20$ Current Offer: Buy Out: 45$[RSGP] Selling Level 83 Initiate Pure | 94 Dung | Vigour | CLS | Rapier | CMaul | 30mI am selling my level 83 Dung Pure (80 Atk, 81 Str, 20 Def, 94 Dung) which has 3 Chaotics, vigour, and some Gravites. I am selling for RSGP. I will not go first, and if you don't, I will get an OMM. I will be selling this account in the range of 30m-40m, that is up to you to offer. Thanks. When the account is sold, I will provide you with: -Recovery Question Answers -Payment -Date Account was Made -IP Address -When I moved -And I will change the email to yours. PS-Not interested in trading accounts, so don't ask.Selling ***AMAZING**** G Mauler, 75Cmb 96 Dungselling this account rsgp only , dont have a paypal or anything will use mm/omm you pay fees since i dont have a paypal or rsgp to pay with A/W = 150m dont offer me swaps or paypal dont want/cant accept , gl also got 50k tokens left, and a maxed berserker ring in dung (380k tokens i think?)
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