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    Diceholic Selling Awesome 45 DEF ZERKER [94 MAGIC][45 DEF][1553][RSGP][MEMBER][91 CB]Hello there,today I wanna sell this 45 Def Zerker,you know me from other Pages DragonDyce,CoraDyce and others. Account are Member,no Reqoveries,email,got gloves,dt,mm Done,He Readdy for PK. Offer and leave your contacts or Just Hit me By PM! Add me at [email protected](RSGP/PAYPAL)Buying Mage Boxer(/RSGP/Paypal)G'day all, i'm buying a mage boxer with the following stats: 99 Mage(Must have) 99 HP(can be lower) 87-92 Def(can Be Higher) Desert treasure MUST BE COMPLETED Atk and str can differ.(post what it has) 11 Prayer, NO higher. I WILL NOT GO FIRST We can Use an OMM or an MM that we both agree on. so post what you have and the price. Evlin[RSGP] MAX INITIATE PURE 99 Str, 99 Range, 99 Magic, 99 cooking, FULLY QUESTED [PP]Hey guys, I would like to sell this amazing initiate pure. I've pked(Player Killed) so much on this account but I'm currently in the making of a boxer(staker) and need some RSGP(runescape gold pieces) to start me in the making. A/W: 200m Bid: 30m - Pepsi broski VOUCHES Quote: Originally Posted by GFX | Justin Vouch for d0ntattack1, bought an account off me, used a MM. Went smooth! Quote: Originally Posted by The Black Tux Vouch for d0ntattack1. MMed his trade. Quote: Originally Posted by WalMart vouch for d0ntattack1 bought an account from him for 25mil went well ~WalMart Quote: Originally Posted by oxodium bought 60m off me via pa! thanks Quote: Originally Posted by uglypixelz Vouch sold account for pp Quote: Originally Posted by cmthepro Vouch for d0ntattack1.Bought an account off me[PAYPAL] Selling Level 94 Character - Good name - Some good itemsSo yeah, I remembered that I used to play runescape, and now I don't. Then I remember people buy this stuff. And I have a cool runescape account to sell. Don't need runescape gold or anything, just trying to make a few bucks here. Got a pretty cool name to boost any interest, "vegux". So yeah throw some offers and we'll see how it goes?Looking for Gmaul RusherContact me [email protected] If you have one availible for sale. A MM/OMM WILL BE USED NO EXCEPTIONS. I WILL FIND ONE THAT IS AT LEAST 150+ VOUCHED.Selling 4 Accounts! Hey im looking to some of my accounts! NOTE: I will get a OMM. Heres the pics! ACCOUNT1 gyazo/c908fe3776e1b081ae59d43478c10b35 gyazo/c1892ae436c1500d4381912aaa7e9d50 gyazo/f69fdc6239f9e16832972e764ca92933 gyazo/52372aafdd6889e6ba256f4a2c17093e gyazo/d42c9c05bbecd51529401b50c201f110 A/W-75M ACCOUNT2 gyazo/597f875d3d0b345e91845d0dcd661a4b gyazo/f66b9165fd47d7bed4fe13a02154ca28 gyazo/adbdde5932ed7e511aab5ddf17581ec2 A/W-30M ACCOUNT3 gyazo/cce48e446667db46c27b63a9bb02ebae gyazo/fc7b16ca69c068c152d73ec4f5019404 gyazo/4b63e7aba50e5d5b749c0d7a51532c1a A/W 50m ACCOUNT4 gyazo/13eda6b3bb0c0f8e59400c38116ebed1 gyazo/9f5dd67e773b4d4a98b3c1651177c260 gyazo/17544dbbca146559e69a44281910074d A/W-80M MY [email protected] MY -Wakeisme 130M TAKES ALL! or swappp for a pure!91+10 Addy pure, Rapier, 37 prayer fire cape. ( 1 2)Heylo. I like this account, but it doesn't appeal to my style of pking. I'm selling it. I am the only owner, made it from the ground up, has a login name and not email ~ currently has recoveries, i will reset them once i find a buyer. Stats : Quests : I don't have rune gloves, just because i'm lazy. If you were to start rfd i have all the required prequests to get rune gloves without any def/prayer exp. It does not have a hand cannon or ancients (once again, me being lazy) Other : Fire cape @ 37 prayer, done legit, was NOT ROLLED BACK. I've never botted this account. Rapier, Longbow sight, Filled Zammy book, Full slayer helmet, Slayer rings, 20 addy defenders, 24 effigies, 12 of which being RC/SUMMON that i've kept in their original state, the others are gorged. Currently have a bunch of charms, i don't know what level they would get me to, but 2k crimsons is a bit. I don't know what else to say, please ask me if you have any questions. I'd like to be paid in rsgp. On the account - you can keep it how it is, it does well pking. Low prayer with 80 att/rapier is pretty ridiculous actually, you can get 40 def with b gloves / veng if you like, i've checked the exp and it won't go over 40d. If you continue with the build i've got, you max 80 99 30 + 99 hp @ 94 combat, with 99 summon that's 94 + 13. Doesnt have any offences, has access to rsc, etc Another edit; has members for 31 days as of 7pm pacific, 9/28. Worst timing of membership lol, took $ like 10 minutes after i started the thread when i was on the page to cancel it.[Swap] 99 Mage 10hp/ for...I'm looking to swap my 99 Mage 10hp 50 combat for, a account with 99 hp and 70+ range, or a acc w/ 99 range and 70+ hp. Pm me for more.
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