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    Selling a maxed level 82+10 5 Defence pure (PP only)Hey im Selling a maxed level 82+10 5 Defence pure. his stats are Attack:60 Strength:99 Defence:5 Range:99 Mage:94 Prayer:52 Summoning:78 Mining:90 Thieving:82 Smithing:79 Add Me on if interested-Wakeisme or - [email protected] Starting Bid 40$ OR WILL TRADE FOR 200-400M RSGP IM NOT GOING FIRST Will Get MM!giving away 2 pure acc'stitle says all 1st acc: n e xda b0ss this acc have 99rng 92dung items: chaotic rapier and maul, and amulet, ~3mil cash in memb items 2nd acc: defname ~500k cash post your posts how you want that account. Good luck.Level 82 starting range TANK 99 WC!Hi im selling this account as i need to raise funds on my main. I WILL NOT BE GOING FIRST I WILL USE MM BUT AT YOUR COST. A/W:30M BANK. [​IMG] Stats: [​IMG][RSGP] Selling level 82 starter pure [RSGP]25m a/w has membership till the end of the month I will be removing email and giving rec questions to buyer YOU FIRST OR OMM AT YOUR EXPENSE add my : [email protected] : francochancoffeeselling level 98 - cheap.sorry wrong place..Amazing starter tank, dragon rfd gloves, full slayer helm, chaotics!!!hello everyone, im currently selling my starter tank, it has chaotic staff and arcane stream necklace and has 157k dung tokens! so 43k more tokens and u have urself a chaotic crossbow! and has full slayer helm(amazing for tank bridding) and also has dragon rfd gloves! only need 40 more quest points until barrows. currently looking for offers, post away
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.