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    D Claw Rusherbuying acc with 60 attack and 99 strength. MUST BE 1 DEFENECE AND PRAYER. thanks a recovery test WILL be done. ~: [email protected] my zerker pure !I'm selling this zerker for RSGP or paypal :p pm me for email won't go first(except if you have 50 vouches , or 30 LEGIT vouches , donator rank of 25$ +) but will use any or leave hereSwapping 130 CB for a pure!Selling this good level 130 account, looking to sell today. Hoping to swap for a decent pure/1 def pure! otherwise RSGP offer away! To Add my if interested post yours in PM or message along with your offers: Log-in and members is still active for 20+ days! Quests: Stats:[PayPal] Selling Blitz-dds hybrid, 86 crafting, 67 hunt 2m+Hello Sythe! I'm selling an account which is great at dds blitzing! Picutre of stuff Post offers below![LEGIT/RSGP] Selling Player Moderator [LEGIT/RSGP]Hello Sythe. I'm looking to sell my P-Mod account. This is not going to be a long written thread gonna keep it simple. Im not looking to tell a whole story, Im just here to sell an account. If you have any question ask away. I would only verify to a Sythe mod/admin. - You first or we use a MM/OMM, but you would end up getting demodded then. Only good stats, the rest are under 60. Offer away!Selling starter Zerker Pure! [RSGP]Hey, Congod here, I am selling this starter zerker account, no recoveries or email, and all previous account information will be given. A/W: 15m Decent stats, has nothing but a Rune Armour set in bank, can add cash but this will add to the price of the account. Has done monkey madness and lost city - as well as addy gloves! If interested post offers - and I will add you on [Buy/Swap] Looking for Good DT pure with amazing stats! ( 1 2)Ok soooooooooo right now I am looking at finding myself a good pure that has High Str OR Range and High Magic (82+ would be nice).... 1 Def.... Prayer doesn't matter so long as its not exceedenly high. Will pay cash once I am able to sell my own acc's or am willing to swap for really good main accounts (I have 3 up for sale atm) Link to my main accounts for sale: sythe/showthread.php?t=445794 Payment Options: 1. You go first. (unlikely... but worth asking for) 2. Hired a middle man by the name of The Viper000 (split fees) OR free 'guru' mm ^ he charges 10% 3. Senior member to sythe or trusted member with a TON of vouches (I'll go first) Contact me here for any accounts you have that meet my description.... Thanks![WU] Selling 86 COMBAT 94 RANGE 94 MAGE 81 STR/ 364M BANKHello Sythe. Im really fed up playing Rs because i have serious exams coming so i barely play this game. And it has changed alot since 2006 so pking isnt the same pleasure anymore for me. As a result, im selling my account with all the RSGP i own. Scammers dont even try because i will not go first under any conditions. PAYMENT METHOD : WU ONLY (dont have paypal) TRADE METHOD : OMM at your expenses (preferable method) ; You can feel safe to go first, though i dont have any vouches, but you will have all my personal data when transferring the money so i have no motive to scam. And im here to get some pocket money, not to steal. DONT EVEN POST IF YOU ARE WILLING TO ASK ME TO GO FIRST BECAUSE ITS EITHER YOU GO FIRST OR PAY FOR AN OMM ;] Account has no email nor recoverys. I am the first and original owner so you will receive the very first account information (pins that were used to make p2p as well). Pictures : Account is 86 combat level. DT & MM are done. Account and money can be verified by a trusted person if needed. As the only payment i accept is Western Union, it will take time to go to the bank and receive the money so trade will take a while, but i will do my best to accomplish is as quick and safe as possible. Due to some problems with my i cannot login (some error occurs, but ill try to work it out) i cannot be contacted via . I can be contacted via : facebook, , email, cell phone. I would like you to leave you offer and the way i can get in touch with you. If you dont want to reveal your contact to the whole forum, dont hesitate to PM ;] Waiting for offers !
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