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    Selling pure 92 range 81 str 33 attack 1 def 73 mageselling my old pure which was once banned for major macro, was unbanned a few month ago not touched it since it has been unbanned i have no use for it [email protected] NO SWAP'S!!! RSGP or W.U only paypal if your trusted Has 99 range cape in bank! xp was halved Uploaded with ImageShack.us75cb Maxed Clawerim not new.. bet away but it aint going cheap. quitting. has recovs, no email. several years old pretty sweet original pker name every single pure quest is done. ancients, d scim, addy gloves, accumulator[RSGP]Lvl 72 rapier pure|81dung|89mage|Dt-done|FirecapeAlright guys im start off saying i will not go first unless i deem you trustworthy and have vouches. This is my rapier pure i have been messing around on, 81 dung 23k tokens but no rapier:l -Dt is done -Only up to black gloves but its just 2 small quests from addy. heres some pics -A/W 40m Any trolling etc. stupid comments etc. will be marked as spam. -Pm me for my LVL 97 Zerker 99 str 80 atk.A/W 200m I am the original owner of this account. I have all information including past pins/,mems/original creation details. Everything will be provided with this account. If theres any problems with the account u will be refunded 100% Im not a kid or a scumbag when i sell a account i sell it for good. Im a trusted member here on sythe selling over 4bil in gold and handling over 2k in cash. [email protected] ONE of two Level 87's [RSGP/PayPal]ya i know... not the best Recovs will be provided once acc is bought : [email protected] Acc One: Login Screen (I WILL be paying for membership... if you pay a bit extra ) Aura Stats Acc Two Login Screen StatsSelling FULLY QUESTED Turmoil Pure|92 dung|rapier|D Gloves|Spirit Shield| RSGP | ( 1 2)Turmoil pure [Noticeable Stats and achievements - 97 strength. - 95 prayer - 92dung - D gloves. - 94 magic. - Spirit shield. - Rapier. - FULLY QUESTED Rules + Pricing - I only accept Rsgp - Starting bid: 50m - Asking price: Unsure atm. - Im open to use a middle man. - Please post offer + . Pictures 60 Attack 99 Strength 45 Defence TURMOIL ZERKER - FULLY QUESTED - SW STATSBank given with purchase: Quests: has alot of membership left, i'm looking for around $50 usd. IRC or /vent communication. Offers on RSGP accepted aswell. : [email protected] IRC nick: "Soham" nick: "Soham Khaitan" Or inbox me/reply here onto this thread. I take paypal also if you don't have RSGP. You can also auto recover it yourself to see its not a scam. Purchase will include: Username Password Previous passwords Creation details ISP Past recovery questions✔ 79 Cb ✔ 80 Dung ✔ Chaotic maul ✔ RSGPSold to Bcoles392!
Thread Status:
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