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    Selling Nice 83 Zerker (Quested) [RSGP] ( 1 2)Very nice quested zerker with 92 Quest Points (Has Vengeance Dt MM Rune Gloves) And a fighter torso ! Has membership until May 8th. is in sig. A/w=?Selling lvl 91 main with 99 agilityHello, I am selling the account below for rsgp. I do not have a specific a/w in mind, but if a good offer is made I will be more than ready to do business, since I want to drop this account so I can focus on my pure. All it has in the bank is a few random items, such as all 3 prayer books and all 4 rc pouches, but no valuable items. I am willing to go first with a trusted member of this site, but not a fellow newcomer like myself. I am willing to use a MM provided that we split the fees.Selling Staker [10Bil+ made] 90 Strength, 90Hp.Info about the account - No recoveries - No email registered - No black marks - No bankpin - I will go first to trusted members else we use Omm. Pictures Some of my stakes on itSelling runescape account level 99!Hey people;D Im bored of Rs now... So im selling my Runescape account, Cb level: 99 Members: No Money: 8.1M Any 99's?: No Total Level: 1250 : [email protected] WILL DISCUSS ALL LEVELS ON ! BTW, Will not go first, >.< You can record or anything, but scamming, no. - Dont trust me? Dont buy off me! - - I will post screenshots of the dealing in place to show proof! - - If i deal with you, post legit please. - Hit me up if interested! PAYPAL ONLY.[Membership Pin or Decent Account Swap] Level 68 Main AccountAccepting: Decent Pure or Membership Pin PICTURES Account Includes: -209k -Rune Scimmy -3 Rune Sets -4 Green D'Hide Sets -Recovery Questions & Password I will not go first unless you have a good amount of vouches , if not we will use a VERIFIED MM .[Beast pker] 72 attack, 86 str, 91 range [76 cb] + 1 month membSelling this nice pure. Its not epic or anything but is pretty awesome currently and with a bit of training can become a great AGS pure. -Account has a month membership as of 12th May -Bank has 300-500k in pk gear etc. Highest bid: N/A A/W: 25m (considering a memb pin is worth 12-15m) To clarify, it has NO email set. Although it says it on login, I took further pictures to try and help make it obvious its not actually set Stats: Login: No email registered: RULES: -I will only go first to who I deem trusted -Otherwise we can use an OMM at your expense -I do know trusted non official MMs who will do it for free[PP] Selling LVL 93 RAPIER Rune Pure, 100 DUNG, 99 Mage, 91 Str, 42 Def, ALL CHAOTICSHi, I'm currently selling one of my accounts. Account has no recoveries, and is a non-member. It is currently level 93; with 91 Strength, 99 Mage, 42 Defence, 52 Prayer, 1 Summoning, and of course; 80 Attack. Also has a nice, very organized bank worth about 5m. Account also has ALL CHAOTICS (except crossbow) AND 330k DUNG TOKENS. This account has endless possibilities of becoming a great staker or pker, and has it's defence from questing. I am looking for Paypal and maybe RSGP. Only serious offers, only considering above $100usd/200m+ AW $150-$200 I do not go first under any circumstances, unless HIGHLY TRUSTED. If you aren't trusted, I will gladly use OMM+Recovery Test. I am the only and original owner of the account, and all the information will be given to the buyer after I receive payment. My Vouch Thread: sythe/showthread.php?t=1121742 Post your offer+ here and I will add you.Selling pure - Unholy book - Addy gloves - Dt done - MM done -Update : 94 Magic , 81 Strength A/w = Not set
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