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    Fully Quested Turmoil Zerker | Veng | 81Attack,99Strength,45Def,95Pray | Barrow GloveMy Only : [email protected] Hey Guys Creative Here Selling A Turmoil Zerker. It Has No Money But Is Easy To Pk On And Make Tons Of Cash On! I AM LOOKING TO GET EITHER RSGP FOR IT OR PAYPAL! My Only : [email protected] IF INTRESTED EMAIL ME AT [email protected] THANKS[RSGP]Maxed 20 Def|91+7 Initiate Pure|99 Str|99 Mage|83 Dung|Fully QuestestHey Guys, selling my initiate pure with 83 dung. Will be accepting rsgp and rsgp only no swaps sorry. Post here b4 you hit up my add my - [email protected] A/W = 100m - Noticeable Skills - 99 Str 99 Mage 20 def 83 dung 88 range - Noticeable Items - Fire Cape Rune Gloves Mith Defenders Slayer Helm Arcane Stream - Noticeable quests - Desert Treasure Monkey Madness Recruitment Drive Rfd - Rune Gloves Smoking Kills Horror from the deep Elemental Workshop II Uploaded with ImageShack.usBeast Zerker | 99 Strength | 81 Dung. | 94 Magic | 1500 Total [RSGP/Paypal]Contact Quote: [email protected] Vouches sythe/showthread.php?t=1061599 Stats and items SOLD Log in screen *Note: there is no Members on the account and No dung. weapons Payment Only accepting rsgp. may deal with paypal if you are trusted. No auto-win, offer away. Any posts unrelated to the account sale will be reported as spam.lvl 69 barager with 1m rsgp(dt done)10mjust tryin to get rid of it for some cash on my main....three levels till barage...dt done youtube/watch?v=xac8S9iB9zs[RSGP/Paypal/swap] 65 G-Mauler & 80 Range TankTaking RSGP/Paypal/swaps for these accounts; I am particularly interested in a decent free to play strength pure - I have some money as well to add if need be. Willing to use MM or whatever to make it a fair trade, recovery checks both ways. Both accounts have no recoveries/email/black marks etc. Level 65 Granite Maul Pure Details: Monkey Madness, Desert Treasure, mithril gloves etc. completed. Awesome pker. Also has an unholy book not shown as I lost it before it lost membership! Current bid: 15m Level 80 Range Tank Details: Yo-yo, 168 quest points.[SELLING][TRUSTED][10+ VOUCHES] lvl 73 awesome pker!! Must Look! [RSGP]Hey guys, just looking to sell my pure i never play on anymore. Looking for a quick sale so I can pay my friend back some RSGP I owe him. I won't be going first. I'm trusted enough that people shouldn't mind going first to me. S/B : 10m A/W: N/A Post here before you add me on : [email protected] The Ultimate Level 63 Pure. 60 Attack 75 Strength 82 Mage |Blitz Rushing|I only accept PAYPAL or RSGP. AutoWin: 60m/$50 Use This Form Or You Will Be Reported Code: Your offer (PP/RSGP): Your :Buying a 1 prayer 1 range 1 mage acc.The title says it I need a account with 1 prayer 1 range 1 mage. Even 2 in any of those stats I will not be willing to purchase. Also will not trade with a non-trusted seller. 10+ vouches confirmed is the only way I will be trading with you there is no other way. Attack minimum-70 strength minimum-70 defence minimum-70 Straight up I'm looking for a boxer. Many of you may know I am also purchasing GP in the thousands of dollars. So the cash part will not be a problem. I have attempted to make a few of these got 80 attack 60 strength 80 Defence on the one and ended up giving up on it due to a hacker getting 5 prayer on the account. Post pictures and I will consider. I will pay 95 cents per mill on the account added onto the value of the account.
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