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    [RSGP]Buying Str Pure/F2P[RSGP]post pics here and pm me offering 2.7m acc must have 40 att 70+str{Pure/Staker Shop} Remarkable Accounts! [DT][1def]Account #1 Combat level: 56 A BREATH TAKING Blitz-GMaul rusher. MAXED for its combat level. Lowest possible defense level (1), and lowest possible prayer level (11), for the completion of the quest Desert Treasure. Stats: This account has plenty sets of full ghostly There are no recovery questions or registered email on the account: Proof of quests: No bans or mutes: A/w is 50m ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ Combat level: 63 INCREDIBLY HIGH Con. Staking prodigy. Doesn't lose a stake. Stats: NOW HAS 41 DUNGEONEERING! No registered email and no recovery questions set: No bans or mutes: A/w is 30m Add my , and post yours here. Mine is: [email protected][RSGP] Selling 10hp with 89STR/89RNG/87magic + zeal acc[RSGP] ( 1 2)Accounts Hacked From Me.[RSGP]Buying 1 def acc with 94 mage dt doneas the title says im looking for an 1 def account with 94 mage and dt done idc bout the other stats items etc.. will be giving some rsgp[RSGP] 100% Legit hand made defence pure! [RSGP] ( 1 2)This is a started, made by hand defence pure. It has 60 defence with 1 all other stats except 68 fishing, 55 cooking and 50 wc. It is a named login (Which is also relevant to the account) Not just random. Combat level is 27 due to being manually trained (which took forever) getting me 48hp Open to offers. Post your here and I will add you. My is [email protected] p>
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