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    Buying 99 Range PureBuying 99 Range Pure!! Got An Official Mm Waiting!!!Remarkable Runescape Pure DT COMPLETED! 1 Defense 94 range~~~~~~~~~~~[RSGP] Selling 40 DEF PURE! [97STR] [DT DONE]!My email is [email protected] Post offers below, will only be accepting RSGP (for reasons to benefit my new pure) ACCOUNT IS QUESTED.. IT HAS DT DONE ASWELL AS OTHER QUESTS.. DEFENCE EXP IS PURELY ONLY FROM MONKEY MADNESS REWARD AND DRAGON SLAYER MEANING ITS A POTENTIAL ZERKER.. Post offers below, If you're more trusted than me i will go first, kind regards, mileSelling Staker/boxer AccountHi Im Selling A Staking/boxer Account. Stats Are 75 Atk 80 Str 70 Def 75hp. Willin To Trade For Rs Gold.. OfferSelling GREAT account!Hey guys. So i played runescape a while back (2008), got bored and quit for good. This included a HUGE drop party in the falador party room, and the giving away of all my items. Three years later, i decided to start playing again.88cmbt 3 99'sHey, selling this epic account for RSGP Post your offer here. Would take about 40-50mil for it Not going first! EDIT: gonna take off e-mail after some 1 buy itHow much would this go for?hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiSellign Range Tank With 79 And Range!Information - No recoveries - Has no bankpin set - No blackmarks on the account! - I will go first to trusted people. Stats
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.