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    Amazing 1 def pure![RSGP]COMBAT LEVEL 63 -- SORRY FORGOT PIC Was going to get this to 99 strength but then needed the RSGP and was trying to sell fast... Well I dont need the gp anymore but I already started a new pure so this one is up for sale! 60m a/w Post and PM if interested. NO SWAPS Edit: Having issues with images is posted below where the image should be. EDIT AGAIN: If I dont get it sold soon I am going to raise the defense and turn it into a dragon killer to bot with, dont let me ruin this pure!Level 61 1 defense pure (/buying a main) ( 1 2)Delete This Thread, I Got My Main Now ![RS-RSGP] TRADING 85Pally | 70Wlock | 41Sham | 37Prst | For RUNESCAPE! or RSGP!Hey everybody, im trying to sell my WoW account for a Runescape account. I have all the information on the account, and am willing to work out a 50/50 trade or use a . Im looking for a very nice main with good wealth, or a killer pure. You can offer RSGP, but i'm mainly looking for a runescape account. Anyway, here are some pictures of the account & Characters. : [email protected] PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ADD MY TO TALK ABOUT ANY OFFERS, I AM ONLINE ALMOST ALL DAY![RSGP] Selling lvl 88this is just an extra account of mine that i dont use anymore and i wanna see what i can get for it. Im also interested in trading this account for another one. It is also vet cape eligible.selling runescape account level 75hes got 99 cooking 95 fletching 80 woodcutting 78 minning 77 fishing 84 magic 66 prayer 60 att 65 str 45 def 50 agility... has adamant gloves atm has requirements to get rune[PayPal Only] 1,6k total 3`99sSelling this account for $13. Scammers don`t waste my time. Feel free to add me on - [email protected] pure 61combat 1def CHEAP.Hello, selling my pure 61cmb. Account has no email or recoveries. We can use MM or so if you wont go first. Taking paypal and rsgp. My - [email protected] My - garfield093 OFFER. WAITING. account, cb level 91. £20, or offers. NEEDS TO BE GONE TODAYHi sythe, I am offering my runescape account, it has no recoveries, or email and i will hand the password straight over. I want the transaction to go through paypal, and you will go first. This is my runescape account: As you can see, it has some good stats, such as 72 def, 79str, 88 cooking, and 51 rc so it has accessiblity to gop. It has no black marks on the account, and its first come first serve. Will accept £15 right now, cmon guys need the money. Good luck, and thanks, Pm me or ask here for further details. I want the account gone by today. Thanks
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