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    [Rsgp]Selling BEAST pure - 99Herblore - 1825 Total level[Rsgp]Hello guys, I'm Quitting This account Because I got a Baby pure and i don't want anymore this account i want turmoil on low level pure Account comes will all infomation- Account is fully quested Origanal owner Subscription details will be given upon purchase + Removed. ACCOUNT NOW HAS 61 SLAYER , 1825 TOTAL And 200k Token! Starting bid: 50m RSGP Auto/Win - 250m RSGP Current Bid: N/A Post your bid (above starting bid ) with your [email protected] !!! ADDD MEEE♥[RSGP]♥ Selling Epic Rune Pure // 99 Str/ 94Mage&Range // 80 att& 83dung. ♥[RSGP]Hello Everyone! ^-^~ I am fairly new to Sythe, so I have only 5 vouches. anyways, I'm here today to sell you an account. The account is Rune Pure. It has 94 Mage, 94 Range, 49 Pray, 80 attk, 99 str, 40Defense & 83 Dung. The Account is Fully quested with DT, MM Done. 1 more Part of RFD is needed for Barrows gloves. (currently on Drag) and It has started Lunar. I WILL NOT GO FIRST UNLESS YOU'RE TRUSTED Either you go first, or we use an OMM/MM (Fees on you) Upon Purchase, I will provide ALL Info! (Recovs, Old Passwords, Creation Date, ISP, etc.) Pictures of account RECOVERIES HAVE BEEN REMOVED! I will also Set your email to yours upon purchase. and a recovery test can be used. ______________________________________________ I am accepting payments of only RSGP (Runescape Gold Pieces) Post offers below or PM me. [: ______________________________________________ A/W: 70m Current Bid: None99 combat -80 att 99 str 99 magic 93 ranged 20 def turmoil [RSGP]Hello, selling this account since I'm not using it anymore. Got all informations and will provide the buyer with them. either we use OMM or you go first as long as you're not more trusted than me. My : [email protected] Fill in this apply: : Going first/OMM?: Offer:[45$]60atk,87strength,89ranged,85mage,31prayer 2,def[Desert Treasure Done!]delete pleasehigh level for 20 dollarsHello everybody this is tddogg97 selling my main account lvl 107 yes i know this is 60-99 selling only but im making this account for 20 dollars only!!!!!!!!!! it has amazing stats and if u have send me a contact request to dark-angel-demon so yea and ill show you my account im selling soo if u want that please contact me now ASAP cause im getting tired or contact me today around 12:00pm central time and i have no pics cause i dont know how to upload them on here so yea thank you guys for comming here REMEMBER if u want it now contact me ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!Selling Level 58 [tber] [rsgp]Hey. I have an account. 50 att 67 str 4 def .. 71/73 1 PRAY 87 DUNGHello sythe, heres one of my previous pures I had on sythe before but there was no serious offers so i decided to change it into a staking pure. He currently has 186k dung tokens and already has a fully charged rapier. also comes with a Corrupted VLS and VLS. Both has been degraded but it was only used in one duel. it also comes with a full zamorak book. this wealth alone is already 70m+. I am only taking offers atm. I Accept paypal from trusted users, RSGP, and I am also willing to use OMM's to have the most smoothest transaction possible. thanks EDIT: Recently got 200k tokens now.[rsgp] Account Shop! All Types Of Accounts! Always Updated With New Accounts Daily!Whats up everyone. I'm here today looking to get rid of some of my accounts that i don't use! fortunately for everyone here on sythe, ill be getting rid of these account for decent prices. These accounts just sit around and i don't use them at all, so it came to me that i should get rid of them and let other people enjoy them, and help fund my new maxed turm zerker. I AM ONLY ACCEPTING RSGP! Please do not offer me swaps, i do not need more accounts, also please do not offer me paypal, i dont need to deal with getting charged back. If you are interested in an account, please add my with any questions you might have. I will be online most of the day today looking to get rid of these accounts, please feel free to post your offers! ALL ACCOUNTS COME WITH NO RECOVERIES/EMAIL!!!!! [email protected] Account #1: Maxed Main with great skilling stats! Great of PvMing or pking. Account #2: Amazing pro staker with rapier. Also has 1 prayer and summoning, along with 99 hunter and fishing! Easy to make billions with an account like this. Account 3: Pro Gmaul rusher! Great stats that take a lot of time and effort to make. 97 mining, will take 2 days to get 99. Was made in soul wars so it has low hp, making the account stronger then pures his level! Also has most pure quest done, including mith gloves, horror from the deep, and death plateau. Account #4: Rare 9 hp account! The stats pretty much tell it all, this account is rare, and will only become more valuable as time goes on and less and less are left. Account #5: Starter low level mage boxer! This account could already own in the duel arena, make tons on this account by mage boxing. Account #6: and Bunny Ears account! Level 88 with and Bunny ears, has some decent skilling stats that could be made better with time, this account has the potential for pretty much anything! Account #7: This account is another almost maxed main, another great account for pking and making money PvMing. Bank is pretty much cleaned as the rest of the accounts. [email protected]
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