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    selling this acc 2m!only 2m for this account! add my [email protected][RSGP]/[SWAP] 92 Mage Pure, RFD,DT Done 90QP, 63CB No Recoveries, 0 BlackmarksI am willing to trade this account for another pure or RSGP. It has Horror From the Deep done up to the part where you can select a book. Most quests that pures do are already done. Previously had 99 Mage, Also done few prayer exp quests that is impossible to stilll be at that prayer level. 5m+ Bank, Holiday items from 2008 and up.[RSGP] +Maxed Pure+ / 99Str, 99Mage, 99Range, 99Cooking / DT, MM / [RSGP]Hey guys, this account is old-school. I have had it for years, I thought i would give the new wildy a try and to be honest... I have lost all interest in pking and i would like to sell my maxed out pure. If you'd like more screenshots,information etc. Let me know by posting ON THIS THREAD (PMS WILL BE IGNORED) your and we can talk. Bid 20m A/W 70-100m Depending on your vouches. Good trades: 2 Bad trades: 5 showthread.php? 99 mage 59 combat.ScammedSelling 70 40 70 Boxer with + Bunny Ears! [RSGP]Selling this wonderful account perfect start for boxing : [email protected] or send me a PM on sythe Account does have recoveries and I will try to get them removed and email will be deleted once I find a buyer{rsgp}beast Barrows Pker Veng/dt{rsgp}STARTING BID IS 25M AUTO WIN IS 70M i am selling this account due to me having 3 of these barrows pker and having almost the same stats and i cant use all 3 of them it currently has membership until april 27th you will be given full account information including first passes/creation date/internet providor and all that other crap please do not post any offers lower then this one as i will not take them in cosideration no swaps as i have had bad experience with these in the past post a comment below, pm me or add me on [email protected][/emai ON BUYER!!l] GOOD LUCK[Selling] Level 84 pure. 99str 1def/prayer ~80 DUNGEONEERING WITH CHAOTIC RAPIER~ ( 1 2)WARNING: Do NOT add me on . You will be declined and blocked as I get several spammers adding me often. Hey guys. I am now selling this sicktastic pure as I am yet again moving onto a new project. I am looking to sell it for RSGP but would consider Pokerstars/Full tilt as well. There is no autowin, I will simply decide when I think the price is right. Current bid: SOLD If you have any question please feel free to ask. There is pretty much nothing of any interest in the bank, however it will come with the chaotic rapier as advertised NOTE: The dungeoneering on this account WAS NOT BOTTED/GLITCHED Happy Bidding NOTE: Obviously all of the recovs, etc. will be removed upon purchase.{SWAP/RSGP] Account sales!!I will not go first. i Will take 50/50 i Will use a MM What i accept. A decent p2p level 3 skiller. A full quested initiate pure. RSGP. Here is the accounts ACC 1 : Dt done MM done other pure quests done + addy gloves. Comes with creation info, membership pin the lot. Any questions feel free to ask. account 2: comes with all creation info is not a member level 86 range tank. all tank quests done ( eccept for mm) No bank Account 3: level91 noob starter main.
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