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    Selling epic 3 combat skiller [101 Dungeoneering, +1x99]Hey . So I decided to sell this skiller. :// :// :// The email and recs will be removed as soon as there's buyer. Atm, Im progressing on 102 dungeoneering and 90 fletching. I'm the only owner of this account. The account hasn't seen bot, all leveled by my hands. I accept RSGP or PP only. No A/W set, so place your bids. CURRENT BID: 40M[Trusted]PK's Fishing Account starter Bott Farm [RSGP]Hey Everyone it's prayer kid here and i currently have 5 accounts that are f2p, no emails, no recoveries set on them, i've done nothing but fish on them and they have alot of potential. i'm looking to sell them all as a bundle and will sell them cheep, and if needed i can make more. Please: 1. PM me if your intirested 2. Post on the thread 3. Add my 4. We will discuss price via Account #1 Account #2 Account #3 Account #4 Account #5 If you feel like you need to use an OMM i would be glad to do so but i will not pay any of the fee's for the accounts, and after the accounts are in your possession i'm not responsible for any bans ect. for the accounts.Stunning Level 63 Hybrid With Ancients and 82 MagePaypal or Rsgp. Leave your .[RSGP;PayPal]10 HP Magic pure [2x99] ( 1 2 3)Hello rs! Selling this account because I've got no time to play it anymore, there's no autowin, I'll decide considering the price that will I sell or not. CONTACT ME USING MESSENGER OR PRIVATE MESSAGE. (Messenger will be through pm.) I'm ready to go first for trusted people, otherways we are going to use an OMM/VMM. Regards, TrololoLooking to swap a gmauler for my 130- Main or my Chaotic puremust be quested please and no accounts with failed def thanks Heres pics of accounts im looking to trade: Chaotic pure Main [email protected] LEGIT pures-reqs; atk; 50-60 str: 75 or higher [no exceptoins] def; 1 [no exceptions] range; 70+ pray; 43+ mage 70+ must have done; DT, Monkey Madness, Mithril Gloves, i have 20m to spend. add my or post here. Thanks cb must me 50-65.Buying Pures! [RSGP]Looking to buy pures with these key stats/features: Attack: 60 (exact or little less) Prayer: 52 (exact) Strength: At least 75 Range: ~80 Defence: 1 (no exceptions) Mage: ~70 Quests Done: DT, Monkey Madness, Horror From the Deep. (HFTD is option) Have up to 15m I'm willing to spend, could go more if the account is right! Hit me with offers, also if the stats are a little off what I'm looking for I'll still considerLevel 78 99 Mage/20DefSelling, This Account, Im not Going First, Get A OMM Or A Highly Trusted MM Thanks. [Combat 78]
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