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    LV.4 skiller/ 66 woodcutting/ 56 miningi am selling a level 4 (maybe higher i havent checked) that has 66 woodcutting and 56 mining. i have a rune pickaxe (worth 20,000gp ingame) and 1 rune axe ( worth around 6,000gp ingame). PM me if interested, i will except offers from anywhere.Buying g mauler [Rsgp]I am looking for a fully quested g mauler I have a fairly large budget so post your prices and Threads or pictures.Lvl 3 - 99 Thieving, 58 Agility [RSGP-WU-LR-Moneypak]I accept any of the following: RSGP Western Union Liberty Reserve Moneypak The account has nothing of value on it - just the skills. It is currently a nonmember. : [email protected][RSGP] Cb 55|DT Ready| 82 Fishing| Good Pker| [RSGP] ( 1 2)I have all details to this account and am the original owner. A recovery test can/will be done. We can and most likely will use a OMM with your fees unless you go first. A/W: 5-6Mil and a pin. OBO Wealth is 2Mil+ Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with ImageShack.usSelling level 9hp skiller [rsgp a/w 50m][is members]Email [email protected] Please leave your and offer below PictureSelling 27 Combat, 10hp, 99 Defense, 99 Cook - [RSGP/PayPal]A/W $100 or 180M This file will only be sold by OMM, or you going first. I will also agree to a recovery test by an OMM upon purchase of file if you request it, I will not be paying OMM fees. Disclaimer: 1. I will not go first. 2. I will only use trusted MM's or OMM's that I approve of. 3. Before you go "same lobby pic" Check the time of memberships fags. 4. No refunds, no trade backs, No account swaps. 5. Accepting RSGP only at this current moment. 6. Always Ask for a PM.Selling lvl 21 obby mauler - 99 fish - 99 cook $40!!It is a decent starter pure can make it whatever you want, and already has 99 fish/cook. You will recieve all info when you purchase this account, has no registered email/recovery questions. I am only accepting $40 in rsgp. Rsgp is valued at $.4/m I'm only accepting RSGP. No set a/w, highest bidder wins.Selling low attack pure with 88 dung. 1 Def/Pray/Sum, 430k Tokens!Attack level is low enough to be a fully quested mauler without going over 50 attack. Account has never been members. I am the original owner. Nothing interesting in bank apart from Reindeer Hat, which means it will have Veteran's Cape by Christmas. I'll pay any MM fees (or you go first, obviously I'm not expecting you to). I currently have a 20m bid but am expecting more. RSGP only.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.