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    [rsgp] Hp10 Mage Pure!!Sold!>> Cheap clear-out sale! ACCOUNT NAME (COOL ONE ) This account has two 99's, maxed out stats for it's level, only 11 prayer (which makes it prime for mage/any staking at all, minimum combat level, and over-all more "pure" than any other "pure", you can gain Prayer but you can not take it away.) It's done many quests, has around a 1m bank in quest items/pk gear. Auto-win: 45m _________________________________ Account #3: COMBAT LEVEL 60 Basically a staking prodigy. You can't get much better than this, you'd normally use Rune Knifes and special attack off DM. No armor works best unless you have the top of the line stuff, like ranger boots, robin hood, and fury, only allow those. In my opinion, if you're looking for a ranger, start here. He's 90 fishing, can easily bot up some money, and he's got perfect stats for the staking arena. PKing is just as easy, can do knifes to crossbow for epic wins, or anything your heart desires . A/W 25M ~~~~~~~~~~ All sales are final unless the account was ANY different than described in the thread or in chat. PLEASE Post here with your or email and an offer on the thread before adding me on ~~~~~[RSGP] Selling Lvl 42 Starter Pure + Good skillsPlease post offers, and leave your AND There really is not much in the bank either, that is why there is no bank picture. You will go first, or we will use a Trusted MM, or OMM. Thanks :)1 defense AND prayer Chaotic Pure:// :// :// here's my vouches :///showthread.php?p=9251978#post9251978 really good pure to start out with no defence prayer mage ranged lots of variables to choose from staker pker etc overall a great account[Selling] Level 3 Skiller 98 wc and other stats!good starting account or can keep as a skiller nothing really on the account. Offer if interested
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