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    |Maxed Rapier Zerker 99 Dunge| Fully quested | Korasi | Come on in! @[email protected] ( 1 2)closed100 Dung| 95 Combat | Fully Quested | Almost-Turm ZerkerI'm selling the turmoil zerker I was going to make because I've decided to make another tank and go main on my current one, So a zerker is kind of a waste of time. Plus there's still a lot of questing to do. I'm not the original owner of the account but I have had it for over a year. I'm not willing to submit to a recovery test because I don't want it to get locked, Sorry. All of the defence levels are quested and it has 50 quest points at the moment. These are the quests it needs for turmoil and barrows gloves Code: The Grand Tree Monkey Madness The Shield of Arrav Merlin's Crystal Heroes Temple of Ikov The Family Crest Creature of Fenkenstrain Garden of Tranquility Temple at Sennesten Barrows Gloves Fishing Contest Big Chompy Bird Hunting Biohazard Murder Mystery Witch's House Gertrudes Cat Shadow of the Storm Desert Treasure Legends' Quest Horror From The Deep A/W: 150m Post here and PM me if you would like to buy it. Recoveries and Email ARE set, I will help you remove the Email and give you the recoveries in a text file/email/PM when you purchase it.buying great f2p pure tell me how muchbuying a great f2p pure preferably 40 att 85 str 60+ range pm meselling lvl 82 zerker fcape, torso, rune gloves, contact me at [email protected] 97 Boxer, CHEAP for Wow GametimeI accept only Paypal PLEASE. : [email protected] and [email protected] I RECCOMEND TO ADD BOTH ! I'm in a hurry A/W 30$ PM or post here if u guys add me ! Picture of blackmarks:Lvl 69 PURE, CHEAP, 99 magic, 95 Str, 91 Ranged. PAYPAL for Wow GametimePicture of blackmarks: A/W is 30$ will accept Paypal, or RSGP / 0.6$ ea, u calculate. : [email protected] STR is 95 in 30k Xp ! Cos I need the money for gametime to World of warcraft Post or PM if addedSelling Lvl 82 Zerk Rangerpostimage/image/5d0jrsf8/ Please post if interested, Has hand cannon and 90~ questpoints, upto rune gloves monkey madness done.[SWAP/Paypal] 2-4-1. 53 Range/Strength Pure and 104 Main For A Zerker [SWAP/Paypal]Hey guys, Im new to this site. I made an account a while ago and just logged on today haha. Im pretty much done with this game and want to either sell my two accounts or swap them both for one. I am not going first because I am not willing to get scammed. We will figure something out for sure if you are interested in a swap though. I would like to swap both of these for an amazing zerker thats rich haha First off I have my Main. I have had this account forever. Im going to be straight up with you guys. It HAD 99 strength and 99 range but I got banned for botting. All the stats were reduced by 7 so I have the range and strength skill capes but I cant wear them haha. the dragonfire shield is worth 10M but isnt tradeable because it has charges! Starting bid: $30. A/W: $70 This is my pure. He was also banned for botting and everything was reduced by 7. he finished monkey madness and has a dragon scim which he cant use at the moment haha starting bid: $20 A/W: $30 I would REALLY like a nice zerker pure for BOTH. Thanks guys! Recovery questions and emails will be removed before swapping or after selling
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