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    Amazing Void Range Pure! 99 RANGE! 3 LETTER NAME!AMAZING VOID PURE! 99 RANGE! 3 LETTER NAME! BEST OF ALL, ITS A PRETTY COOL 3 LETTER NAME (MM/OMM CAN VERIFY ONCE WE TRADE) Hey guys, Broskies here and I just finished up making this account, but to my disappointment I found my Zerker pure to be more fun than this account. So here I am selling it! Will go first to trusted members, if not trusted we shall use a MM or OMM Features 99 RANGE HAND CANNON 44 PRAYER 80 STR CAN BE A F2P PKER! Picture! AMAZING VOID PURE! 99 RANGE! 3 LETTER NAME! A/W 50M! Leave email here if interested, or pm me your email.{Swap/Rsgp}PRO 137 MAIN CHEAP 99 SLAYER {SWAP/RSGP}Hi my fellow sythe memebers CoolKidSon here, Well i am looking for a pro pure due to being bored of my 137 main and now wanting to play as a pure again. So if you are interested add my and we will discuss. You can also pay with RSGP so i can buy a pro pure. My is: [email protected] Requirements- 1. Dessert Treasure Complete 2. Animal Magnetism Complete 3. A balanced pure were its mage/range level isn't way off from its str level. A/W FOR RSGP- 100M L/W FOR RSGP- 70M ToS- 1. We use a MM for trade or you go First 2. We must AGREE on MM 3. Scammers PLEASE LEAVE.[Swap]Looking for A Decent Staker[Swap]Hello! I'm looking to swap my emptied (******* scammer), d scim pure. My acc Fourd HERE. My Ideal Staker: High Atk and Def Moderate level Str Low Prayer 0 gp I am still open to acc's without the above stat/gp requests. REQUITEMENTS: No Recovs/BP No E-mail (I will change my acc's email to yours) If you have few vouches, you must agree to use a MM/OMM (Your expense) Please Fill Out This Form If you Are Interested In Swapping: Quote: Sythe Username: Link To Staker/Pics: Vouches/Vouch Thread: : Please PM me after you posted and I will add you to my contact list.{rsgp}awesome Pure Very Cheap Price{rsgp} ( 1 2)starting bid 5m autowin 10m so as for the account it has dt done monkey maddnes no rfd anyways im selling this pure really cheap as you can see in all my other posts im getting rid of old accounts leave a comment below, pm me or add me on [email protected] i know the pure has 10 def but it was only because i got hacked by some fucktards who well really love you me good in the love you anyways dont post unless your interested in it good luck on buyer!Selling lvl 81 - 60att 80str 41def 89range 44pray 85mage 80hpLooking for RSGP only (no swaps) - getting my phat and taking some time out (pretty close now) (it has one of those 0o0 something 0o0 names) Had this acc for a while, everything in invent will be left as it is (p2p stuff) Has recoveries and pin, but giving all information + ip + old passwords + old bank pins + account info for when i had members with buyer. Will be using OMM as i'm never on anymore and not trusted.[BUYING] 1 def w' + Bunny Ears ( 1 2)Hi all, Looking for any account that meet the requirements in the title. A good name and 1 pray would also be preferable Happy to use OMM and Paypal or RSGP. Let me know what you have[PP][SWAP][RSGP]*@*Beast Dscim Pure*@*[RSGP][SWAP][PP]Looking For: -PP (15+ Vouches ONLY) -Swaps (15+ Vouches ONLY)[Mains Preferred] -RSGP (All) -Rares (All) PM ME FOR USERNAME! (IT'S PRETTY GOOD) NOTE: Recoveries Removed: Email can be changed instantly to yours!!! NOTE2: love you MY LIFE. Got scammed and cleared. HUNTER CAPE REMAINS + 3 Hoods. Report has been posted. Still for sale. NO GP! CB: 62 Current Bid: - LvL 104 by Davey32 A/W: Not set. RECOVS ARE REMOVED. I AM WILLING TO CHANGE EMAIL THE MOMENT OF THE SALE! Ok. So this acc has a ~12m bank on it. It's combat and ability to wield dscim = b0ss. It has enough nats for like 90-95 mage (someone confirm that please?). Any questions ect. can be Posted and PM'd. Please post your s. I will add you and we will send confirmation PM's to each other. I am no going first, however I am up for using MM/OMM. (You pay fees and recover test if you want it). I am open to all offers above 10$/11m, anything lower = spam.[[LOOKING]] Level 68-100 PURE!Hey im looking for a half decent pure with a little bit of a bank im willing to trade my level 136 main for it with 8 99's and turmoil, b gloves, torso, etc... trying to get back into runescape and i think getting a new purs the way to do it! post accounts here please. sythe/showthread.php?t=1084953
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