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    sellin staker [99str] 40mHi I have had great luck with this staker winning over 450m over a couple of months of using it I don't have images of my wins sorry. The account comes with some of the necessary gear for this staker with the VLS with upwards of 50 minuntes remaining and the Statius armour has around 13 minutes of time remaining however the corrupt vls would be down to its last 5 minutes the account is currently 88 combat this video here is not of my account however this is a very similar account to mine giving you an idea on how i staked using this account youtube/watch?v=42SGvifIk4w the account is also capable of getting adamant gloves as majority of the quests required have been completed (RFD has been started and 2 of the subquests have been completed) sellin this acc at 40m flat we will be using an omm/ trusted mm or you will be going first sadly i dont know how to remove recovery questions and aparrently you are unable to remove them after a recent update by jagex(if you know how to remove recovery questions please pm me or post on here please thankyou very much)[Member Since Early 09] Crazy Lvl 82 AGS Pure [Selling for RSGP]Hey fellow members of sythe I am looking to sell my Ags pure because I am looking to get turmoil on my main and need the RSGP! The account is an amazing PKing account, has done DT, MM, and RFD to mith gloves. Can be turned into a beast zerker or turm pure. The account has no wealth on it so I didn't even include a picture of the bank. I'm looking for offers at 30m+. Post here, message me here on sythe, or me at axel.ragnarsson.[RSGP] Selling Lvl 70 Range/DDS pureComes with 1m+ items, and around 30 days membership, please bid, starting from 5M : [email protected] Near Maxed Zerker[99Str][99Mage][Fully Quested]- Im selling my Zerker Pure. - Account is fully quested. - Account has barrows gloves. - Account has completed Defender of Varrock. - You are able to get turmoil without leveling the def. - I am orig owner and will give details. - A/W = 100m - add my [email protected][email protected]#$Selling Level 90 [email protected]#$%Im Selling My Level 90 Main Here Is His Stats Im Taking Rsgp Or 1 Membership Pin Comment Or Email Me At [email protected] PLEASE :) Skill Level Progress XP Rank Overall 1,202 - 10,935,828 1,118,390 Attack 72 935,399 1,153,282 Strength 78 1,748,257 1,002,443 Defence 70 776,948 1,111,320 Hitpoints 74 1,130,159 1,233,938 Magic 70 740,569 1,038,108 Prayer 46 72,875 1,472,989 Fishing 69 707,839 937,143 Cooking 67 549,220 1,122,396 Fletching 81 2,308,792 424,858 Crafting 54 152,430 1,135,743 Smithing 55 171,408 973,094 Mining 69 684,480 644,919 Agility 38 32,815 1,441,101 Slayer 32 17,118 1,467,054 Hunter 49 93,690 798,966 Combat 90 - - -[Paypal] Nearly perfect maxed pker [PaypalThis account in a nearly perfect maxed pker. Level 84 has 98 strength, 99 mage and 99 range, Sadly it has 2 defence which haunts me every night. This is the funnest char I have ever had. But it is time to sell it. It has 48m cash an ags and much more. This account is fully quested and one of the best pkers in wildy! Please pm me or add me on [email protected] BEAST Lvl 82 AGS Pure! Great Stats/Wealth! [RSGP]Hey everyone I'm selling my awesome AGS Pure because I want to start a new 60 attack pure. The account comes with the wealth and has done DT, MM, and RFD to mith gloves. The stats are great for pking and ther account is just a beast. Contact me here on sythe or on (axel.ragnarsson) Serious offers (60m+ RSGP) only please. Remember the account already has 50m wealth on it. If you want to buy the account with no money on it LET ME KNOW.Noveme My level 93 str pureHello , My fellow friends. I've come to talk to you about my level 93 str pure Name is G5l I am selling it for around 30m - 50m in Runescape. This account has no email , nor Recoveries . so once we trade it's yours for good. Reason i'm selling is because my main just lost 140m and I am lost without money So I'm doing everything i can To regain my dead main. Ps. My email is [email protected] My name is Nessa Please add me if you wish to talk about my account showing Teamview of the account. I am new in this Forums yes because People told me on my About sythe and how you may sell accounts and buy accounts from trusted players. Also , I do not go first because i was scammed many times. So we can do a chat and everything to get everything done I do not scam and even though i'm new I do not scam because i'm here to sell my account i dont care about scamming anyone.
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