Selling  High End Top SWTOR account with lots of rare stuff + credits + cartel coins

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    I have a SWTOR account and Origin account for sale or trade

    Origin have Dragon Age Inquisition GOTY and Battlefield 1

    SWTOR account have 150$ worth of credits and Cartel Coins (you also get monthly cartel coins from referrals on the account) + it's an account with some very rare stuff and nightmare achievements, rare items for example are:

    Crest of the dread masters: Crest of the Dread Master

    Dreadful amulet: Dreadful Amulet - Item | TORCommunity

    Wings of the architect: Wings of the Architect

    Dread Master title

    and a lot of other rare mounts - lightsabers - armors and other rare items, ask me if you want to know if a specific item is unlocked on the account or not

    contact me with offer if you are interested in a trade, can trade for 350$ worth of steam wallet codes for both account, or send me your offer.

    you will get the accounts details + will give you the email made for them

    contact me @: [email protected]

    or :
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