Time to quit, Selling a handful of accounts

Discussion in 'Anarchy Online Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Anarchy, 9/30/13.

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    Well that time has come as AO is just beginning to drag, I took a break 4 months ago and was about to reactivate and just said **** it so selling off what i have. Account 1 - Atlantean - 175$ USD 202 Solitus Crat 200 Atrox Enforcer + Bunch of lowbie alts 4 billion credits on this account All chars are omni Account 2 - Rimor - 225$ USD 210+ AI LvL 13+ Clan Martial Artist 100+ Twink Clan Doctor Equip off the top of my head.. 300 Chosen MA Pants, BoB's x2, GoC x2, Mod Notucomm, APF Belt, Burden + More Account 3 - Atlantean - 275$ USD 220 20+ Clan Agent 220 20+ Clan Soldier Few billion credits, Both have Burden's, 2500 Boards, Soldier has full set 300 CC, Agent Full set 300 CSS (Upgraded Apf Helms) Max Symbiants in, 300 AAD Implants In, RBP, ELLTS, GoC's, GPH, Clan Farm City QL 300 Account 4 - Rimor - 250$ USD 210+ 20+ Omni Crat 205+ 10+ Omni Doc + More Alts crat has full Scouts armor, Top Symbiants in, Can Selfcast his stuff, QL 300 Comm Relay. doc has full biodome armor, can selfcast heals, Top Symbiants in QL 200ish Omni Farm City + 3b+ in credits. Post here or send an email to [email protected] All these accounts were cancelled when i took my break, All you have to do is hit the reactivate button and enter your billing info and your good to go. I deal with paypal only.
Thread Status:
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