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    Now I've dealt with ALOT of them for Aion. I won't disclose who because I do not mean to smite you BUT... the truth needs to be told to gullible buyers. When they say all the loot + kinah will be yours... Bull F8cking sh*t! I asked the powerleveler that I needed to sign on to my account to help my friend on a quest. They let me on, and I noticed that i had 40million exp recoverable..... In my head I was like [censored]?????? and orange + blue items were all on stock brokers to be sold for kinah. I let that slide because i figured Oh okay they're gonna use it to grind me some kinah and even recover my exp. No way.... the next time i asked to log on to help my friend again... kinah was gone, and I had 80million exp recoverable. Powerlevelers... if you are reading this right now.... Stop fooling your customers and run your business LEGIT!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.