The Basics to Trading: Definitions/Anti-Scam Strategies (Beginners:Vol. 1)

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    =p So I got bored. Feel free to spread this post around (Copy/Paste), but creds (If any) go to me =p. And you for the finger pressing.

    Trading Techniques For the Uninformed

    ~ Important Info = This Color! ~ Read if Lazy! (Recommended) =p lol


    -This guide was created for the sole-purpose of preventing scammers. (Die scammers)

    -If you're about to trade with someone... READ THIS ^^

    Chapter 1: Definitions

    "Middleman": A person (excluding you or the person you're trading with) who helps two people trade stuff around, who acts in "the middle" of a trade.

    (Example: Lets say 1 person's selling a lv 30 MS account, and another person is trading his 1 mill Runescape GP(money) for it. First, the Runescape boy would give the 1 mill to the middleman. Then, the MapleStory person would give the Runescape boy the Account Information. After the Runescape boy confirmed that the account is valid/it works, the middleman will give the 1 million to the MapleStory person =p.) Confusing, but re-read it.

    "CB": Chief Bandit (MapleStory)

    "DK": Dragon Knight (MapleStory)

    "I/L": Ice + Lightning Mage (MapleStory)

    "F/P": Fire + Poison Mage (MapleStory)

    "WK": White Knight (MapleStory)

    "Scammer": Someone who steals/tricks (scams) something from the uninformed trader, without giving anything in return.

    "Noob" [universal]: Newbie / One who is new at something

    "GM": GameMaster / An official staff or trusted person of a game, usually someone at a higher priority in a game, usually a host of official game events.

    (GMs vary per game, check the game's site for more information on the genuine GameMaster. In some games (MapleStory) there is no true ingame name for the GM (besides "GameMaster" or something)

    "Forum Mod": Forum Moderator / An official staff of a Forum, usually trustworthy, and has the power to delete posts, ban people, warn, etc. In a higher level of the Forum hierarchy.

    Chapter 2: The Trading Process

    Things to Know:

    - Being a middleman is a very advantageous spot. He/She holds BOTH sides of the deal. Thats why when you're trading, you must be VERY careful when finding a middleman. Quadruple check the Forum/Website that the person you are using as middleman can be trusted. (Well known for a pleasant MM service? Check his feedback? Check his history? Make sure its the genuine person?) Some people act as middleman to steal both peoples' items. Beware.

    Example of a Middleman for this Forum: forsure [Case-sensitive]

    (Hes trustworthy folks)

    - Usually, when someone claims that he's a GameMaster or a ForumModerator, he/she's usually lying. GMs/ForumMods (usually) have a sense of pride, in which they do NOT boast around their authority in order to convince someone of using them as middleman (or something)

    Redefined: Ignore people who offer you middleman services and claim that they're GM/ForumMods.

    - During trades, no matter what, try not to ever "Give First" (Or you give your itms first, then the other person gives to you) Always use middleman, or have THEM go first.

    - Dont EVER give your information out to anyone before recieving your part of the deal. (NOT EVEN HALF YOUR INFORMATION) There are hacks out there that can steal your stuff even with only partial information.

    - When buying MapleStory accounts, BE VERY CAREFUL. In some cases, there are liars who claim that they don't have the full information of the account to give to you, (And they actually do) then after you buy the account, and hone it/get it rich, they steal it back.

    - Keep in mind (When trading MapleStory accounts) that it IS POSSIBLE to get a PIN number back if someone has the full information of an account. (And the email) (Be careful)

    Tips on Maple trades

    - The average price for accounts = $1 per level. (Level 70 account = $70 approximately) [If someone's selling an account for an extremely low price, there's a 90% chance that he/she's a scammer]

    - Target stores only sell "10k" and "25k" Nx Cards. Dont fall for "15k" Nx or stuff like that

    - 10k NX = $10. 2
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