Selling  TH13+  BH7  100+ XP Level  Android and iOS TH13,

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    TH 13, Good Base and Very Cheap!


    I only buy accounts from my trusted sellers and by Face to Face trade.

    And if you still have doubt. we can trade with middleman ( you will pay the middleman ( Trusted person on a legit Trading website) and after you get your account. I will get paid.
    These accounts come with Full Information, Complete Security, and Lifetime Warranty.

    :idea:HOW TO BUY ?
    1) Clicks on buy now listing and completes payment.
    2) Playerup will verify and secure the your payment.
    3) They will create a 3 way conversation with you & Us & Middleman.
    4) We Deliver The account (Email and password + all information you need will be given).
    5) During this process, Playerup will Guide both of Us ( Buyer & Seller ).
    6) Buyer secures and verifies the account.
    7) Buyer & Seller Must Change order Status on Confirm Delivery.

    :sun: For safe deals through Middleman, use the standard “BUY NOW” option
    :sun: If you can trust me, you can also pay me directly through BTC/Crypto at a discounted price and instant delivery.
    :bomb:CHEAP and STRONGE Level 13
    Email and password + all information you need will be given.
    (so this account is 100% safe)
    Account Details:
    ⭐️Good Base and Very CHeap ⭐️
    - Townhall Level: 13
    - Experience Level: 100
    - Archer Queen Level: 22
    - Barbarian King Level: 20
    - Grand Warden Level: 50
    - Battle Machine : 5
    ⭐️ ⭐️

    ✔✔✔*After Buying Do Not Contact Supercell In Any Case. Massage Me If You Have Any Problem*