Europe  iOS  1000+K CP TH with sub: shilen saint 8,4 mil cp

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    • Anthras server
    • Fb account login
    • 8,32 mil cp human dagger
    • Shillen saint as sub
    • +40 pvp wep tier 3 awakened
    • All pvp armor tier 2 awakened
    • All jewels tier 1 awakened
    • Mana stone on most pvp gear
    • most of the pvp gear and accessories are +35 one ring +40
    • 2,5 years 24/7 nonstop grinding
    • It’s an epic and strong char for pvp and farm. He have all the different attribute weapons maxed to +30 and beyond. Farm dagger with undead attribute +39 tier 2 awakened with maxed tier 2 mana stone.

    • He got all the different attribute armor limitbroken and attributed to max.

    • The sub is epic for pvp and sought after by clans. This char is being asked to join different clans all the time.
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