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    Job - Dragon Knight

    Level - 112

    On Ranks? - Yes

    Full Info? - Yes (Even Email)

    NX? - Has NX Hair+Hair Color + Eye/Eye Color =]

    Build - Perfect Hybrid

    Stats - 63 Base DEX,4 INT,5 LUK, STR 5XX

    Skills - (2nd Job)Max HB,Max Polearm Booster,Max Spear Booster,Maxed PoleArm Mastery,Maxed Spear Mastery (3rd Job) Maxed Spear Crusher, Maxed Dragon Fury:Pole Arm,Maxed Dragon Roar,Maxed Dragon Blood,10 Sacrifice,3 Dragon Fury:Spear.

    Equips - Zhelm (17 STR 15 All),1STR 8ATK Red WG, 11STR Cape,4STR 106ATK FairFrozen, 4STR 19DEX Lvl80 Overall,S-Man Necklace +1All

    Has 300k on the acount + Invatory full of Pots + Random stuff =P

    I am looking for 75k+ NX


    Lvl 105+ FULL INFO Account in the [BERA] sevrer ONLY!!

    We WILL you a MM or you will go first.

    2 Options for MM.

    Divin|ty = You Pay!


    Mliu8n = We Both +Rep/Trade Him after trades done. (Note i have used him twice so far as a MM and there has been no prob. he is becomeing a well trusted MM and i hope one day he becomes a Mod/Offical MM =])

    Msn -

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