Sold [Store] Glock-18 Gamma Doppler Emerald, Paracord CW w/ Centered Web, Bowie CH w/ Lots of Blue, Low FV Filp Lore, #1...

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    Trade Link or Add me here

    All Buyouts are listed in cash ( more in items )

    Mainly Looking for CSGO Items Trade

    Bowie Knife Case Hardened MW
    0.09 FV Lots of Blue with White/Gold tip
    Paracord Knife Crimson Web FT
    W/ Big Perfectly Centered Web
    Flip Knife Lore FN
    0.013 FV Clean Look (Rank #69 on FloatDB)
    Karambit Forest DDPAT BS
    0.4506 FV (Rank #1 on FloatDB)
    ST M4A1-S Atomic Alloy MW
    0.07 FV BTA 4 x Orange Holo stickers (Name Tag: ''love you The Nerf'')
    Natus Vincere (Holo) Katowice 2015, (Holo) Katowice 2015, Natus Vincere (Holo) Katowice 2015, Firestarter (Holo)
    M4A4 Zirka FT
    Dig Holo Above Mag (Best POS)
    Team Dignitas (Holo) Katowice 2014
    Souvenir P250 Nuclear Threat FT
    1 of 1 Autographed by fnx from SK Perfect sticker placement
    Virtus.Pro (Gold) Cologne 2016, SK Gaming (Gold) Cologne 2016, fnx (Gold) Cologne 2016, ESL (Gold) Cologne 2016
    AWP Graphite FN
    .069 FV (Rank #69 on FloatDB)
    FURIA 2020 RMR
    M4A4 Asiimov FT
    BTA Look 3 x Virtus.Pro Stickers (Virtus.Pro Holo Atlanta 2017 above mag, Best POS)
    Virtus.Pro Atlanta 2017, Virtus.Pro (Holo) Boston 2018, Virtus.Pro (Holo) Atlanta 2017, Astralis (Holo) MLG Columbus 2016
    Souvenir P250 Sand Dune FT
    From 2014 Dreamhack NAVI on the best spot + Champions (Team LDLC) on the Tip
    Natus Vincere (Gold) DreamHack 2014, Team (Gold) DreamHack 2014, DreamHack Winter 2014 (Foil)
    M4A1-S Printstream MW
    0.093 FV BTA
    USP-S Kill Confirmed MW
    Enemy Spotted (Holo), Guinea Pig (Holo), Rush 4x20 (Holo)
    Glock-18 Gamma Doppler Emerald FT
    0.18 FV BTA
    ST P250 Mehndi BS
    VP Kato 14 on grip
    Virtus.Pro Katowice 2014
    Five-SeveN Crimson Blossom FN
    M4A4 Neo-Noir FN
    .066 FV
    AWP Wildfire WW
    0.38 FV BTA
    AWP Neo-Noir FT
    0.17 FV BTA
    USP-S Neo-Noir FT
    0.15 FV BTA
    AK-47 Baroque Purple BS
    0.99 FV ( Name Tag: ''Venom'' )
    4 x Web Stuck (Holo) scratched
    M4A1-S Player Two FT
    ST Glock-18 Water Elemental FT
    0.180 FV BTA
    USP-S Monster Mashup MW
    Mastermind (Holo)
    Five-SeveN Angry Mob MW
    .09 FV
    Music Kit Neck Deep, The Lowlife Pack
    Desert Eagle Mecha Industries BS
    Trade Link or Add me here
    . /u/corjs
    [link] .
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