Selling  Android  High End [Still Active]-Try To Sell High End "Global" Account-Can read why high price~

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    OK, first I'll be honest, I'm still playing the game because it has amazing stories. But,
    I will sell it if the price is right. That's why I'm setting the price at $250, negotiable.
    The account is high end and can breeze through contents and most high end PVP teams.
    But again, it's not about how fast it is you can beat contents, it's the story, please do not skip it,
    it's entertaining, thrilling and with plenty of hilarious moments.

    Anyway, here are the specs:

    Lots of magical girls, notable ones are (list from best, in my opinion):
    - Konoha Shizumi (5*)
    - Yui Tsuruno (5*, 2 slots, can 3 if you buy her frags from shop, plenty of currency to use)
    - Miki Sayaka (5* not available yet)
    - Amane Tsukuyo (5*, 2 slots)
    - Madoka Kaname (5*)
    - Kirika Kure (2 slots, 4* not awakened yet, but can awaken if you want, I'm saving gold if needed for something else)
    - Iroha Tamaki (3*, all slot unlocked...well yeah..,4* should be coming soon)
    - Nanami Yachiyo (3*, can 5*, currently working on it)
    - Akemi Homura (4* megane version, not the stronger version, her stronger form should be on update later on)

    Lots of High quality (4*) Memoria, with plenty of memoria enhancements and fodders for upgrade. Notable ones are:
    - I Made Friends (Fully Maxed)
    - I Made Friends (another one, not fully maxed)
    - Unwavering Light (Fully Maxed)
    - Our Story Starts Here (Fully Maxed)
    - Onward to The Light
    - Clear Summer
    - And many more, can see photos

    As far as stages, all story stages (including the challenge mode) has been completed with 3 stars.
    But not to worry, you can re-watch all the stories through the archive and I recommend this if you
    missed some chapters (including from past playerup). For the magical girl story, I only played the ones I thought
    would be hilarous (like Ayame, Emiri, and Tsuruno).

    Haven't downloaded the game because you're not in US? Not to worry, follow this steps to install it,
    it's simple and well worth it.
    reddit: the front page of the internet
    Basically all you need to do is to get vpn (expressvpn works, since it gives you free 7 days trial),
    create a google account (you can usually skip creating a US phone number), go to US play store and
    download and install Magia Record. And done, you can turn off VPN and go back to your preferred play store.

    Account transfer is done via in-built account transfer system (generated code and password). Will give that
    once payment has been made.


    Payment can only be made via Paypal, or can use transfer through Indonesia or Malaysia local banks.
    If you are interested, can contact me on WA +6287888034243 or Facebook Log into Facebook | Facebook

    Again, take your time to think, you can buy this if you want a fully ready team or you can enjoy the story
    and playerup at your own pace~
    I'm still playing, but if you are interested and would like to negotiate (just a bit please) you can contact me.


    For reference, I've sold my King's Raid account for $300 and Revue Starlight for $150 in this site. I'm also selling my Knights Chronicle account with all RWBY character if you're interested.
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